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    New Healthy Snacks!!

    Hi all! I have been missing, but I am finding that things have been better to reach you all through social media! As I will still post on here, please follow Whole Mind Body Spirit on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter @wholembs! I post more on those sites and I would like for you guys not to miss a beat! SNACKS….. HMMM, I haven’t posted snacks on here in a while. But I am here to update you on how I go about my day with snacks. Snacks are just as important as meals simply because they help you get through to your next meal. If you may find yourself…

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    All About GARLIC!!

    Hey y’all! My favorite herb to cook with is garlic now! Im learning that the flavor is just everything. In this video I just go over the difference between minced garlic in a jar and the whole garlic by itself. I hope you like it and comment below your preference! Subscribe!! Y’all motivate me to continue posting videos!! KIONA XO

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    Hello you guys! I have not been active on here like I should. Definitely follow me on Instagram and Facebook @wholembs I am active on there A LOT! That way you will be able to see my day by day posts plus good advice and tips! But I am here today to make a review post about this Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste! I got it as a gift for Christmas from my supervisor, given to all employees actually! First off I had no idea it was BLACK! I guess when I seen charcoal I was thinking more a grey color. Lol I guess I didn’t read it thoroughly. But I…

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    Empowered Planner Giveaway Contest!

    Hello everyone! I am starting giveaways! If you are on Instagram then you may want to be a part of the first one. As we all know the new year is approaching and we just need that motivation to start our new goals, as we have graduated from the year 2018. While we welcome 2019 there should a bit more structure, organization, and planning for it to be successful. Read the instructions below and follow @wholembs on Instagram! …Empowered Planner Giveaway Contest INSTAGRAM ONLY! This planner is definitely what you need to help you and your goals for the new year! Enter the contest to win! Follow @wholembs on Instagram…

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    The Healthiest Bar to Eat!

    Good morning! As I was reading the Consumer Reports for October 2018, I came across some of the healthiest bars you can eat. It comes in a berry nut bar or chocolate bar category. In my video I explain which one is the healthiest bar that you can buy locally for about $1.00-$1.25. I discuss the ingredients in it and whether or not they are actually “healthy”. I also discuss their rankings in detail in the Consumer Report magazine. This video is short and simple and you can add this bar to your healthy snack list. *wink* If you would like to subscribe to receive Consumer Reports to your address,…

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    Is it Difficult to Switch your Diet or Exercise Daily?

    Hey lovelies! Thank you to everyone who voted on Instagram about whether it is more difficult to switch your diet or exercise daily! In this video I give you my answer and I get a little deep with the results too. I explain why its hard to commit to both and what tips can make the transition a bit more smooth for you! There is a book recommendation as well in the video and it can be purchased on amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Food-Healing-Determines-Well-Being-Quality/dp/0345303857 I hope you enjoy it, remember to subscribe and comment below to let me know your thoughts! Much love, KIONA XO

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    Restaurant Review: THE FAMOUS TOASTERY

    Hey people! I really don’t eat out much because I make most of my food at home! But the times that I do go out to eat, I try my best to make them healthy choices. I am not sure if everyone has one these around but I really enjoy The Famous Toastery! It is a really good restaurant for brunch if you like breakfast and lunch food. I think that everyone could get something off the menu they like there. I go at least once every three months maybe. Some PROS of eating here: One of the best things I like about their menu is that they have gluten…

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    The Truth about Smoothies!

    Hey you beautiful people! This post is a smoothie appreciation post, no hate here lol. I just wanted to inform you guys about how beneficial and convenient smoothies are, I also wanted to inform you on things you should be cautious of while consuming smoothies! We all can use smoothies throughout our busy days so they really come in handy, whether you buy them or make them yourself. From a witness myself, we all should definitely be making our own smoothies. Read below about why I feel this way! Smoothies are great! I wasn’t a fan at first like long time ago before my health journey but now I am!…

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    Breakfast Toast and More!

    Hey guys! Im coming with some tips about how you can prepare your toast in the morning! This is such a quick way to head out in the morning. If you make it right then you can leave with all the necessary nutrients you need for breakfast. When I say this you can get your protein, carbs, and healthy fats all in one! Watch and see. It sort of matters what type fo bread you use because you want to eat the bread that is going to provide you the whole grains is the one you need. There are tons of different breads out there, but its up to you…

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    Overnight Oats!

    I love love love oatmeal. It is my favorite breakfast! I used to only like it when my mom and cousin made it for me as a little girl. I would never eat it from anyone else or anywhere else. They used to make it with carnation milk, butter, and sugar. I know sounds so fattening, but it was so good. Topped with cinnamon geesh, I love it. They still make it this way. One day I was looking on the internet to figure out how I could make oatmeal but make it a healthier way. I seen something about overnight oats, I was like hmm I am not too…

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