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    Ways to Gain More Energy for FREE!

    Do you feel absolutely drained at times? Or you can’t keep your eyes open at your desk or in class? Or you can’t seem to walk up your stairs without grasping for air? If you’ve answered yes to one of those questions (or all of them), then you may have issues with your energy levels. I understand that it is normal to have low energy levels for certain people. For example, many women who are on their menstrual cycles once a month tend to feel sluggish because you are losing blood from the body. This is something you do not have control over, so I would say let it pass…

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    Self Care Activities!

    Self-care is much more important than you think. It is also a contributor to your health along with physical activity, nutrition, and mindfulness. I’d like to think that self-care activities allows you to be mindful. I say this because in order to overcome your overthinking you have to be comfortable and loving to yourself. The only way to do this is if you take care of yourself inside and out. Your thoughts and mind can become scattered if self-care activities aren’t a priority in your life. Honestly, some of you may not know what self-care activities really may consist of. Well it simply means taking care of yourself. This means…

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