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    Alkaline Water Benefits

    Hey lovely people! So I am pretty sure you all have been hearing about alkaline ionized water and all that good stuff right? I have been hearing about it too and I decided to take action to learn about alkaline water benefits! I used to just drink water from the faucet because I remember learning ins school that faucet water is actually tested which may be better for you. It makes sense because bottled water isn’t tested locally for the community. We all know that faucet water does not taste the best, but water in general has some really awesome benefits. In partiular this post will be about alkaline water…

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    Healthy Eating Vegetables

    Hi everyone! So I know its been a while since I posted something about vegetables! How can I forget? One of the most healthiest nutritious foods you can ever think about. I was not always a vegetable person, but when I changed my lifestyle I had to think of a way to incorporate this healthy food in my diet. Vegetables aren’t really the best people pleaser, but people don’t know how important vegetables are in their overall health. It supports the mind, body, and spirit so try your best to go green! Today I am going to share with you my experience with vegetables, how you can add them in…

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