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    Real Body vs Instagram Body

    Hey my MBS loves!   I hope your day is going great great great! Im here to talk real today! The truth about your body versus your instagram body! We all have an inspired body that we want, and now it is likely to want to have a body we absolutely love. This necessarily doesn’t mean that you don’t love the body you have now, it just should be appreciated much more. Sometimes we tend to forget that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We also should be aware to be careful of what we ask for. Its possible to work for health and wellness goals each…

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    Are Eggs Really Healthy?

    Hey everyone! This post is going to be about eggs. You may find you know a little something something about eggs and you also may learn a little something something new today! Many people know a lot about eggs and many people may not know what eggs can do to our body! I bet some of us don’t even think about what we are purchasing, we just pick it up (I used to be so guilty of that so don’t feel bad). Maybe because it may be something we grew up on it and we just buy it because our parents did. Or you may pick it up because it…

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