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    The Healthiest Bar to Eat!

    Good morning! As I was reading the Consumer Reports for October 2018, I came across some of the healthiest bars you can eat. It comes in a berry nut bar or chocolate bar category. In my video I explain which one is the healthiest bar that you can buy locally for about $1.00-$1.25. I discuss the ingredients in it and whether or not they are actually “healthy”. I also discuss their rankings in detail in the Consumer Report magazine. This video is short and simple and you can add this bar to your healthy snack list. *wink* If you would like to subscribe to receive Consumer Reports to your address,…

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    Banana Raspberry Pancakes

    Hey you guys! I never knew how good raspberries were! I am on not per say a diet, but I am just really trying to factor in more raw foods in my diet. So theses are foods I can eat that don’t have to be cooked, I can just rinse it off and eat it. It helps with fat loss. But anyhoo, I was looking for different kinds of berries because they are great antioxidants and a fat loss agent too. I always skip the raspberries and go for the strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. I think its because one time I had raspberries and they weren’t that good. This time…

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    Is it Difficult to Switch your Diet or Exercise Daily?

    Hey lovelies! Thank you to everyone who voted on Instagram about whether it is more difficult to switch your diet or exercise daily! In this video I give you my answer and I get a little deep with the results too. I explain why its hard to commit to both and what tips can make the transition a bit more smooth for you! There is a book recommendation as well in the video and it can be purchased on amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Food-Healing-Determines-Well-Being-Quality/dp/0345303857 I hope you enjoy it, remember to subscribe and comment below to let me know your thoughts! Much love, KIONA XO

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    Restaurant Review: THE FAMOUS TOASTERY

    Hey people! I really don’t eat out much because I make most of my food at home! But the times that I do go out to eat, I try my best to make them healthy choices. I am not sure if everyone has one these around but I really enjoy The Famous Toastery! It is a really good restaurant for brunch if you like breakfast and lunch food. I think that everyone could get something off the menu they like there. I go at least once every three months maybe. Some PROS of eating here: One of the best things I like about their menu is that they have gluten…

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    Garlic Butter Shrimp!

    Hey guys! I am back its been a while and I wanted to bless you with this recipe, so I don’t know if I mentioned but soon I will be going pescatarian BUT I AM! I want to challenge myself and try something new. Although I am aware that shrimp does not count as a pescatarian food, I am starting out light and slowly weaning myself off other foods. This week I meal prepped mainly seafood like fish and shrimp so just to get my foot in the door on it. This recipe literally took 10 minutes, no lie. The simple things in life are good and healthy for you,…

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