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7 of my FAVORITE healthiest foods & snacks!

I am excited for you guys to read this post! I can share with you what my favorite healthiest foods ! I eat healthy most of the time, but you all know we have our days where we splurge *wink*. I currently am a teacher so most of the days I have to pack my lunch. I usually buy my favorite healthiest foods weekly and that is typically on Sunday’s. My favorite foods will be listed from 1-10, with 1 being my top favorite and 10 being my low favorite! Check it out 🙂

  1. Chobani Greek Yogurt “Flip” (Key Lime Crumble and Slated Caramel Crunch): I eat one a day and I am not joking! This is the first thing I eat in the morning to get my day started. I use it as my protein nutrient. The Key Lime Crumble has 12 g of protein, 200 calories, Vegetarian friendly, non GMO, no article flavors or sweetness and it taste like REAL key lime pie! The Salted Caramel Crunch has 12g of protein, 190 calories, Vegetarian friendly, non- GMO, no artificial favors or sweeteners, and it is really crunchy!
  2. Sweet Potatoes: Omg this is my favorite food since I been a kid! My mom and grandma can actually prove it LOL. I eat sweet potatoes in so many forms. I can eat a whole baked sweet potato, sweet potato fries (cooked in the oven), and sweet potato casserole. It is so yummy and yet so healthy for you! It is an excellent complex carb that you can eat for breakfast or dinner. It gives you a bit of energy and can help with inflammation in the body.
  3. Yogi Green Tea SuperAntioxidant: I know this is a tea but it makes me feel so good so I am going to tell you guys about it! You can find these at fresh markets, whole food stores, grocery stores, and of course Walmart! Green tea is simply used to help you clean out your system. The title of the tea really fits its purpose. Yeah it has caffeine but way more healthier than coffee. It contains ingrediants like lemongrass, green tea leaf, jasmine green tea leaf, licorice root, and alfalfa leaf. These all help support digestion! I drink a cup every morning to start my day and I do not use sugar. Use raw honey! It is an all natural sweetener. Some say to drink a glass two hours before bedtime but I haven’t tried that yet. Try it and let me know how it goes!
  4. KIND Bar (Caramel Almod & Sea Salt): These are really tasty surprisingly! The caramel is sweet enough and it is so savoring! You wouldn’t believe it but they are very low in fat and has a good source of protein! You can never get enough of protein. It has 6g of protein and it contains ingredients you can read! You can find these at local grocery stores in the pharmacy and on some isles. These are also sold in places like Starbucks, Smoothie King, etc. There a ton of flavors and sub-brands, but that particular kind bar is my favorite!
  5. Power Crunch Original French Vanilla Crème Protein Bar: Okay so I know some of you have a hard time finding a good tasting protein bar. Well you are going to love this one if you try it! You can’t even taste the protein in it. It also doesn’t have chocolate and peanut butter because it seems like most protein bars have those flavors in it. The bar can literally replace your protein nutrient for your daily dose. It reminds you of a wafer. I usually do it before a workout because it helps you get up some energy for your gym performance. It has 14g of protein and ONLY 5g of sugar. Try one before or after your workout and share how it goes!
  6. Salmon: I love salmonnnnnn! But I ONLY eat it if it is wild caught salmon. I get it cut from the grocery store and it is even better if you go to a local fish market! You will know its wild caught because it is a bit more pink when its cooked than other fish. Salmon is rich in protein and the healthiest nutritious food fish you can eat. It helps build muscle because of the protein and it is great for an antioxidant.
  7. Apples and Soy Butter: This is such a a fulfilling meal! You have a protein and a complex carb. I know you’re thinking like why can’t I use regular peanut butter? You can but soy butter has better nutrients and it is free of gluten and dairy. It is also made for people who have nut allergies. It taste just like regular peanut butter! I usually cut my apple slices and then dip it in the soy butter. This can actually be replaced as a meal or as a mid day snack to hold you until dinner.

Next time I explain the health benefits of drinking plenty of water.I hope you all enjoyed my favorite healthiest foods reveal! I enjoyed sharing them. If you want to you can try them out and share your experiences below.

-Kiona XO


  • Kacy Grant

    Hey Kiona Thomas.
    This is a useful website.
    Your post 7 of my FAVORITE healthiest foods & snacks! is very useful for healthiest places to eat out! I wanna share the article to my blog, can I? Like this

    All are usually buy my favorite healthiest foods weekly and that is typically on Sundays.Developing healthy eating habits starts with choosing delicious healthiest nutritious foods drinking water is also more benefits

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