Hi everyone and welcome! My name is Kiona Thomas and I am thrilled that you all are here. Whole Mind Body Spirit (WholeMBS) was founded in February 2017. It is a health and wellness coaching business that helps individuals reach their highest potential through holistic health. I want to share with you how health coaching can change your entire life! Here you’ll find various services offered, blog posts, demonstrations, online workshops, and live webinars!


It all started for me on February 1st of 2016. Of course it was my New Year’s Resolution, but I seemed to have failed when January rolled around. I made a promise to myself to stick with it the start of February and that is what I did. I believe one day I looked in the mirror and I wasn’t happy with what I saw, and that was from the inside and outside of me. The first step for me was getting my mind trained for a major change in my life. This took serious preparation, research, and motivation from within. It did not happen over night and I didn’t expect it to either. It was something I wanted for the long run, so I knew it wouldn’t be easy or quick. I got my own gym membership, I went grocery shopping and bought healthy items, and I began to find myself. I always knew that these things made me happy in life. When I got a little exercise and ate good then I felt so much better about myself. It was like food and exercise was healing my whole entire self. This is when I knew health, fitness, and nutrition was my calling! I also worked up a passion for it because of my family’s health history. It was never the greatest and I wanted to change that and be the first to take health to another level in my life. I enrolled in Maryland University of Integrative Health September 2016 and I hold a Master of Arts in Health & Wellness Coaching with an Area of Concentration in Nutrition. This curriculum also taught me about mindfulness and meditation, and it became a major part of my growth and healthy lifestyle change. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. I used both of my expertise to start Whole Mind Body Spirit. Health coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential (ICF Board of Directors, 2008). My goal is to help you all through this process and allow you to become your higher selves. I’ve had experience through student coaching, which was coaching my classmates and clients interested in lifestyle change.

I will be sharing with you all concepts and articles that I think will help all of you! Please stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated. You don’t want to miss this! Tell your friends, family, and your coworkers about the site! Be sure to follow us on your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest @wholembs.

See you around!


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