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Alkaline Water Benefits

Hey lovely people!

So I am pretty sure you all have been hearing about alkaline ionized water and all that good stuff right? I have been hearing about it too and I decided to take action to learn about alkaline water benefits! I used to just drink water from the faucet because I remember learning ins school that faucet water is actually tested which may be better for you. It makes sense because bottled water isn’t tested locally for the community. We all know that faucet water does not taste the best, but water in general has some really awesome benefits. In partiular this post will be about alkaline water benefits.

First let me tell you all how I got into learning about alkaline water. My friend kept telling me about these different waters one day as I was coming home from work. I am like what is the big deal. She then went on to explain to me that different waters have different pH levels. I was thinking to myself oooh well this has to be the huge difference then. A pH level of 7 is neutral so you want to drink water that has a pH level of 7-14, most alkaline waters go from 7-9, which is almost completely alkaline. Anything below a 7 are considered acidic which can possibly cause acidity in your urine and can cause health problems. So lets aim for an alkaline water level of a 7 or higher.

Secondly, I am going to tell you the benefits of alkaline water. I know you’re probably thinking, why should I drink alkaline water? Well there are SOOO many alkaline water benefits! Here is a pretty good list below which explains those alkaline water benefits:

  • Taste: Alkaline water has many electrolytes in them for taste and to recharge the body at times. Water isn’t always the best tasting thing, but with an ice cold glass of alkaline water it is promised to taste good!
  • Regulates the body’s pH level overall
  • Promotes excellent health
  • Decreases the aging process
  • Prevents chronic diseases (cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc.)
  • Easy flowing bloodstream which helps oxygen deliver through the body
  • Weight loss of course πŸ™‚
  • Hydrating especially when working out
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Immune system support

I drink alkaline water because of the taste and the fact that it can help oxygen deliver throughout the body which means the blood flow can move more efficiently. It buffers and neutralizes acid in the bloodstream for that smooth flow we want throughout our bodies. There are many more alkaline water benefits but there are studies being done to prove more health benefits. I will keep you all informed of it!

Lastly, I am going to share with you where you can find alkaline water and what types are available to you. From experience I have tried places like Walmart and they do not have it. I would say try fresh market like a health foods store or vitamin shop. Check locally for the plant or distributor store in which you can probably buy it wholesale. Look for the water that says purified instead of spring water. Purified water goes through a purification and cleansing process which creates a higher purity than other water such as spring water. These are some of the brands I’ve tried and some I want to try. Check it out!

  • Essentia (Favorite one, the taste is perfect) 9.5 pH
  • Aqua Hydrate (I like this one but it tastes so rich that it doesn’t taste like water, many athletes drink this one) 9 pHΒ 
  • Natural Spring Diamond Creek 9.5 pHΒ (Perfect taste to me and very smooth)
  • Alkaline 88 Water 8.8 pH
  • Life Water
  • Fiji 7.7 pH
  • Evamor 8 pH

Those are just to name a few. I also seen an article where it is safe to make your own ionized water from scratch. I hope this helped everyone looking to find out the hype about alkaline water benefits. It is worth a try. Don’t overwhelm your body with the alkaline water but give it a little taste here and there. Alkaline water benefits your overall health, hydration, and pH levels. Look more into it, I hope I provided you with a great introduction. Be sure to comment below about your experience πŸ™‚



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