Are Eggs Really Healthy?

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This post is going to be about eggs. You may find you know a little something something about eggs and you also may learn a little something something new today! Many people know a lot about eggs and many people may not know what eggs can do to our body! I bet some of us don’t even think about what we are purchasing, we just pick it up (I used to be so guilty of that so don’t feel bad). Maybe because it may be something we grew up on it and we just buy it because our parents did. Or you may pick it up because it is cheaper in price. Or we just pick it up and know its healthy and not know how it really benefits or doesn’t benefit our body. Well, I think eggs fall into both of those categories when trying to read food labels and learning how to cook healthy. It is not easy. But I can say eggs may make it a little easier on you!

I’ve learned so much from Annmarie Colbin, who to me is the queen of nutrition! She taught me so much just studying her material like books, articles, and recipes. She did this segment on eggs in her book called Food and Healing. In this post, I share with you some of her thoughts and knowledge about eggs. Eggs are a really good source of protein, its one of the first things you will see on the egg carton when you buy (look out for this feature). We must then get into the healthiest eggs you can purchase at the grocery store. Before I got deep into nutrition I just bought the store brand eggs. I used to buy the regular white eggs or whatever was on sale. Now I buy organic brown cage free eggs. This means that the hens have more room in the cage to freely move and hatch their eggs. Unlike white eggs hens may be packed all in together to hatch. It also means hens are rarely exposed to antibiotics and hormones.

Organic means that the hens are fed vegetarian feed rather than other animal products which makes them organic. Hens should live an open space to properly produce their eggs which is why I choose cage free. Yes they are higher I price but it could be a market propaganda to get people to buy them at a higher price. Most research I’ve found says brown eggs are no better than white eggs. Brown eggs come from hens and chickens that may be in different in color which means different in size so it requires more food to feed them. This explains why the market price is so high. So take your pick, but definitely strive for the cage free eggs! Whether it is organic or not it is up to you. These differences does not matter in taste or nutritional value. They are just about the same. To be sure, compare the nutrition facts at the store when reading the food labels. It only will take 1 minute! I just prefer quality and I am brand freak! The brand must be top quality to meeee lol.
Next, there are so many ways to cook your eggs and I think that is when the nutritional value will change. This happens with all other foods, most foods lose some of their nutritional value when cooked, especially raw, whole foods.

You can eat them:
If you are going to eat the egg boiled be sure to not only eat the egg whites. It is packed with protein but the yolk also is also filled with healthy fats. Only disregard the yolk if you are on a strict high protein diet.
-Raw (not recommended much)
-Fried (over easy, over medium, over hard, yolk busted, sunny side up)

Speaking of the price, you may find organic cage free eggs a bit pricey. This could be about $1.50-$2.00 more. I learned a trick though *raises eyebrow*. If you go to Walmart and get the organic Marketside brand then it will be cheaper in price but higher quality. I got the pictured dozen for $2.98 I believe and was originally paying maybe $2.00. I spare it at least twice a month if I can. It is a great investment and healthy choice for your week. There is so much to do with eggs! Its almost like you can aim for health and wellness goals without them. I mean you can but it will be a tough. It is one of the cheapest and easiest food to consume as a source of protein. I typically only eat them for breakfast and snack sometimes. You can eat the just plain boiled, make devil eggs, use them in omelettes, add them to recipes and desserts, and you can also use them for Easter! Lol.

To sum this all up the healthier way to eat eggs are based on environment and feed. Whether the chicken/hens are cage free or not and what they are given to eat. Organic egss ar produced under natural condiions. Our bodies are made to accept natural fresh foods coming from natural methods.

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