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    New Healthy Snacks!!

    Hi all! I have been missing, but I am finding that things have been better to reach you all through social media! As I will still post on here, please follow Whole Mind Body Spirit on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter @wholembs! I post more on those sites and I would like for you guys not to miss a beat! SNACKS….. HMMM, I haven’t posted snacks on here in a while. But I am here to update you on how I go about my day with snacks. Snacks are just as important as meals simply because they help you get through to your next meal. If you may find yourself…

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    All About GARLIC!!

    Hey y’all! My favorite herb to cook with is garlic now! Im learning that the flavor is just everything. In this video I just go over the difference between minced garlic in a jar and the whole garlic by itself. I hope you like it and comment below your preference! Subscribe!! Y’all motivate me to continue posting videos!! KIONA XO

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    3 Myths about Meditation!

    Hey I am back trying to keep everyone updated! So I have been getting back to peace and being mindful and it had been a journey. There are always highs and lows of new journeys but as I was on my journey I came across some myths I’ve heard about meditation. I have been taking classes and webinars and so I have the facts and I wanted to share them with you guys! I did this in a video format so you have to watch it to see what THREE myths are the most common when it comes to meditation. Watch it here and please subscribe to my channel! @WHOLEMBS…

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    Chill, It’s Just Chicken Chili!

    Hey everyone, another post here! I was so excited to join the Chili Cook-Off’s at work! What a great experience and it was my first time making food for a large crowd. I was feeling real confident about my chili that I thought I should share it with other people. Well I didn’t win either of the cook-offs but I was just so happy to be able to participate and get great compliments about my chili. But this chili here is so special to me. Here is why…… ORIGINAL ….. I made this chili from scratch! I took it from a regular recipe and swapped it out for some other…

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    Hello you guys! I have not been active on here like I should. Definitely follow me on Instagram and Facebook @wholembs I am active on there A LOT! That way you will be able to see my day by day posts plus good advice and tips! But I am here today to make a review post about this Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste! I got it as a gift for Christmas from my supervisor, given to all employees actually! First off I had no idea it was BLACK! I guess when I seen charcoal I was thinking more a grey color. Lol I guess I didn’t read it thoroughly. But I…

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    Winter Turkey Chili!

    Good afternoon! What I liked most about this chili is that it contained more beans than it contained meat. I don’t really care for beans when they are eaten by themselves. I like to have them mixed in with something, this way I am still getting the nutrition that I need. You still get the same effect 😊. As mentioned in an earlier post I really enjoy chili and soup in these cold months. Its just beneficial and quite easy to cook and last for days. Just throwing the ingredients in a crockpot/slow cooker is like the easiest recipe ever lol. With this chili you are more than welcomed to…

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    HEY beautiful people! I just did this quick recipe today and I decided to make a quick video, maybe its something you can run to the store and make tomorrow! I always get a sweet tooth like right after lunch for some reason, its ridiculous. I used to eat the Trader Joe chocolate bars but I needed something new. Every week now I am deciding to make a sweet treat but made with quality ingredients and can still be apart of your health and wellness goals. I found this recipe on youtube! Check it out 🙂   SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Treats for the Week with QUALITY ingredients! Simple ingredients=simple steps! Ingredients:…

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    Chicken Tortellini Soup

    Hey hey hey everyone! Its been a while, I haven’t been on here since 2018. We are now in 2019 and I am back! I hope everyone’s holidays were great and you spent time with your loved ones. I know its the beginning of the year and it is probably still hectic but I hope it will get better! Lately, I’ve been struggling with time and also writing posts lately. I have been doing a lot of work on my own so writing posts and editing can be a bit crazy for me. But I am here to share a recipe with you while it is still cold outside. I…

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    Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Dairy and Gluten Free!

    Hello everyone! I got this healthy pumpkin pie recipe from Clean & Delicious youtube channel. Her recipes are awesome! I made this for Thanksgiving and you can add this for Christmas and the New Year for your family. I can’t believe I got my family to try this. Everyone was required to try the dessert and they went pretty fast! It was very light and didn’t call for those heavy ingredients, but it was still delicious. I can see it was also easy to make. I think technically this is my first baking recipe I did. I will be doing more. All the ingredients came up to about $20. The…

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    Empowered Planner Giveaway Contest!

    Hello everyone! I am starting giveaways! If you are on Instagram then you may want to be a part of the first one. As we all know the new year is approaching and we just need that motivation to start our new goals, as we have graduated from the year 2018. While we welcome 2019 there should a bit more structure, organization, and planning for it to be successful. Read the instructions below and follow @wholembs on Instagram! …Empowered Planner Giveaway Contest INSTAGRAM ONLY! This planner is definitely what you need to help you and your goals for the new year! Enter the contest to win! Follow @wholembs on Instagram…

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