Omg, I cannot believe I found like the best salt ever! Pink Himalayan Sea Salt rocks, literally lol. One thing about me is when I pick my foods, I do not like extremely salty foods it does not taste good to me. It immediately takes away the great taste from the food and all I seem to do is taste the salt, which isn’t so satisfying. I am also not one of those people to add extra salt at restuarants or extra salt to home cooked meals. I leave it as it should be. Consuming too much sodium is not healthy for your body. I was using Morton’s table salt, but geesh it is so salty, I always had to modify recipes and make up my own measurements to reduce too much sodium being used in the food. Don’t get me wrong, we all need sodium in our bodies but we should be mindful of how much we are putting in our bodies. The United States guidelines require 2,300 mg of sodium per day. It is said that Americans really consume 3,600mg per day.

I then switched to Morton’s fine sea salt. That easily tasted much lighter and wasn’t as salty which was fine for me! I could go back to using what the recipe actually called for. Sea salt naturally has lower sodium content because of their distinct minerals which influence how the salt actually tastes. We all like salt in our food, it just makes a food taste better right? What recipes don’t say is the type of salt you should use which can make a major impact on your recipe. In order to eat healthier, there should be particular brands and types of ingredients described so consumers won’t just use any type of salt.

I just learned about Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. One of my friends had it at her house and I looked it up to learn more about it. I also found a comparison table on Instagram showing regular table salt versus pink himalayan sea salt which as very interesting. When I started seeing it more often is when I knew I should try it. The only cons I found was that it is a bit more expensive than regular salt but hey we got to splurge on the things that are good for us. It also is hard to use when measuring salt because you twist it one way for it to come out as thick grounds and twist it one way for it to come out  as thin and fine grounds. Otherwise, its great! Never overwhelming but just enough for your food to have the perfect median flavor you’re looking for!

After research I found that some benefits of pink himalayan sea salt are:

-Hand minded in the himalayan moutains over 200 million years ago

-Good source of magnesium, potassium, and calcium

-Promotes a healthy pH balance

-Helps regulate blood sugar

-Helps regulate the body’s sleep cycle

Be sure to purchase this anywhere now! It is becoming popular, I even seen a brand of it at Walmart! Once you invest in it, you will never go back I’ve changed my salt so many times and this is what I prefer. Let me know if you have come across any other benefits or ways to use pink sea salt. I am pretty sure it can be used as a natural remedy too!

Note: *In the pictures I share with you regular sea salt versus pink himalayan sea salt! You will notice that most himalayan salt are in glass containers and visible for you to see its particles*


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