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BOMB ways to get better test results with your physician!

Wanting to get rid of abnormal lab results from your physician?

Well it is quite simple in a way! Change your diet, not even completely but enough so that you’ll see change. I just did a yearly wellness check-up and I received great results from my labs. This is always good right? Well last year I was on the low end of becoming anemic, and now I am not even close! I doubled up on vegetables to increase my iron levels. I am pretty sure most of you are anemic and don’ t know why. You may experience symptoms like coldness, being light-headed, feeling tired and weak during exercise, etc. Well that iron deficiency can be a total come around for you! Begin with always including a healthy eating tips vegetable in your meals. Make sure it is those leafy green vegetables like spinach, arugula, collard green, mustard greens, dark Romaine lettuce, swiss chard, and kale! Now I know what you’re thinking.. you’re thinking like I don’t like vegetables at all. Well there is always other foods that help your iron such as dark red meets such as beef. You can also include more seafood in your diet as well to remove this abnormal lab results from your health journey!


It took me over a year in order to see results but it is a yearly exam, so my progress could of made changes much earlier than a year. Use your clothes as a way to measure your progress. Sometimes the scale can be misleading and it can be a bit intimidating when going through changes within the body. Please comment below on your experiences with your yearly exams and abnormal lab results.

I look forward to it!

Kiona XO

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