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Lately, I have been really busy and the only way to get through my week the healthiest way I can is to do food prepping. I usually do this on Sundays and the meals last me up until Friday, and I try to wing it during the weekend. This seems to work for me. I have mastered this actually, that I started to offer food prepping services in the city of Charlotte, NC. I enjoy following the food prepping steps to get through my week. It helps me feel prepared and also nourishes the body. I love it! I used to underestimate my ability to follow the food prepping steps, but it isn’t that hard especially if you are prepared. If you are prepared you are more likely to be successful following the food prepping steps. I’ve been at least 6 months into this thing and every week I get better, so I know you can do it! Some people find that following the food prepping steps on Sunday is easy, but also end up doing it again on Wednesday, instead of making it for the full week. This can allow more time for you, but it all depends on your schedule. Below I share with you some easy peasy food prepping steps to follow while you’re cooking your meals.


  1. Find your recipes you want to make.
  2. Figure out what foods you have in your kitchen already (spices, oils, vegetables, milk, eggs, etc.)
  3. Write your list
  4. Go grocery shopping
  5. Make sure kitchen is clean and dishes are washed. Clean your area so you have room to cook.
  6. Begin cooking your meals
  7. Wash dishes as you go
  8. Set out food prepping bowls
  9. Fill the bowls with food
  10. Wash dishes

This was just a brief list to give you a quick guide when trying to follow food prepping steps! For a deeper and in debt protocol to getting this done fast, contact me for health coaching services to reach your health and wellness goals! I wish you all the best!




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