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Hello everyone! I am back and I hope you all are well and getting ready for the new season transformation! No more summer bodies, but fall/winter bodies! This post will be short but I wanted to touch on organic foods. I know most people will say “buy organic foods” and most of you may not know why. It took me a long time to understand why it was healthy for me to buy organic foods. Not many of us know the reason why it is a benefit to buy organic foods. We just kind of know that they are more expensive than regular foods. Organic means of or derived from living organisms. This means food produced without chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, stimulants, and/or antibiotics. Foods that are not organic may have a slight chance that your food has been produced through a method that has not been approved through United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). When foods are stamped approved throughout the USDA, most of the time the foods are made through natural sources and approved substances. I hope that cleared up the definition and what organic means to you.

Organic foods are noticeable in the produce section of the grocery store. A key eye-opener to find organic foods in the stores is that they are wrapped with a purple sticker and it may say organic. The sticker is usually wrapped around the whole piece of vegetable or fruit. You will notice that the fruit or vegetable may look a little brighter and attractive because they are produced naturally without chemicals. It is the natural fruit and vegetable. In stores you can also purchase organic meat, cooking oil, butter, milk, just about anything! The last thing I notice about organic is that buying organic foods can be a tad costly. For example, if you are buying produce you may notice that the price difference may be between $1.50-$1.75 when going organic versus regular foods. This is because as stated earlier the foods may go through other methods for it to be organic. So the phrase that says “you get what you pay for” is really true when buying organic foods. The more money you spend the better your health outcome will be!

I am not telling you all to buy ALL organic foods but I am informing you of how well you will be taking care of your body if you do choose to buy organic. You can split up your grocery cart by buying half of your groceries organic and the other half just natural foods or what you would normally buy healthy. Engage in organic foods the best way you know how. Observe your body after you eat organic foods is key as well.

I want to hear about your experiences buying organic foods! Comment below.


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