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    Empowered Planner Giveaway Contest!

    Hello everyone! I am starting giveaways! If you are on Instagram then you may want to be a part of the first one. As we all know the new year is approaching and we just need that motivation to start our new goals, as we have graduated from the year 2018. While we welcome 2019 there should a bit more structure, organization, and planning for it to be successful. Read the instructions below and follow @wholembs on Instagram! …Empowered Planner Giveaway Contest INSTAGRAM ONLY! This planner is definitely what you need to help you and your goals for the new year! Enter the contest to win! Follow @wholembs on Instagram…

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    Family Friends and Fun (3 F’s)

    Lately, all I’ve been wanting to do is to have some natural fun. I’ve noticed that the natural fun begins with family and friends. I say this because these are the people you are around the most. These are the people that make you happy. These are the people that give you the biggest giggles and the ones who let you experience moments of vulnerability. They are important because they contribute to our health and wellness whether we know it or not. According to the Wellness Wheel family, friends, and fun have their own dedicated sector and meaning to our lives. Sometimes we look at family and friends as people…

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    Brief Food Prepping Steps!

    Hey guys! Lately, I have been really busy and the only way to get through my week the healthiest way I can is to do food prepping. I usually do this on Sundays and the meals last me up until Friday, and I try to wing it during the weekend. This seems to work for me. I have mastered this actually, that I started to offer food prepping services in the city of Charlotte, NC. I enjoy following the food prepping steps to get through my week. It helps me feel prepared and also nourishes the body. I love it! I used to underestimate my ability to follow the food…

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    Fun Turns Into Self-Care!!

    Subscribe to the WholeMBS youtube channel! I will be posting more videos and “how to” videos for your health and wellness journey. Learning how to do this video stuff is fun. This particular video, can you give you some insight on how be effective with self care tips, mindfulness, and social health! Check it out. Have a great week 🙂   KIONA XO

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    OMG! It’s been a year since I have been blogging and I must say I have come a long way! I remember the night I dreamed of this in my sleep. I had to make it come to life. I just didn’t know how, I had no idea about blogging and setting up a website. I was completely clueless, but the type of person I am I like to make things come to light itself. If I see it, I want it and I am going to go get it. We all should have that mindset right, but sometimes I try to do entirely too much lol. I just like…

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    Mindfulness: S.T.O.P!

    Did you know that 75%-90% of physician visits are stress related? As I was in class this week, my instructor came up with a great acronym to use once you even think you may become stressed or react to something that’ll cause stress. This makes me immediately think about the mind, body, and spirit. Stress can affect all aspects of health and wellness. Most people think it is only related towards emotional and mental health, but it can show up in other areas. Areas like physical health while working out, you may feel zoned out and not wanting to complete your workout. You may also experience how stress can affect…

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    Vacations are a part of Health and Wellness!

    Hey you guys! I know it’s been a while, but I have been on vacation. There are so many tings I do within my life, and I felt like a break was needed. No, but seriously when you feel burned out its okay to take a break just don’t ever quit. It isn’t always easy to be able to plan a vacation, but plan ahead of time. So that is what I did a long with a couple of my homegirls! Hey y’all!  Daily life can sometimes tire me literally and it is no better feeling than to relax on the beach which automatically takes away my worries. If you…

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    What is a Holistic Health Coach?

    Well that seems to be the question right? A holistic health coach is me! 🙂 Two years ago I couldn’t tell you that this is what I wanted to be. I also couldn’t tell you what I knew a holistic health coach is and what they do. I began to take a journey with finding myself and figuring out what my future goals would be. I knew exactly what I was good at in regard to school! Nutrition has always been a huge part of my life, because without nutrition we wouldn’t be the people we are today. So I have a deep connection with nutrition, and I am looking…

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    Steps for Goal Setting

    Hi lovelies, Well I am back once again! As I begin to write my post I always think about how I can be of help to all of you on your health and wellness journey. I know I may throw out a lot of information and be long winded, but I really want you all to succeed and to be prepared. It is highly recommended for this major milestone in your life, if you really want it to last. I figured that in order to make these huge changes to your mind, body, and spirit, you should follow some steps for goal setting. The best way to make a change…

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    Ways to Gain More Energy for FREE!

    Do you feel absolutely drained at times? Or you can’t keep your eyes open at your desk or in class? Or you can’t seem to walk up your stairs without grasping for air? If you’ve answered yes to one of those questions (or all of them), then you may have issues with your energy levels. I understand that it is normal to have low energy levels for certain people. For example, many women who are on their menstrual cycles once a month tend to feel sluggish because you are losing blood from the body. This is something you do not have control over, so I would say let it pass…

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