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    6AM Physical Activity Workouts

    Hey, you beautiful people, I recently switched over to 6am workouts instead of working out in the evening. I kept looking for another strategy to have much more evening time. I remember when people would say they workout in the morning, and I used to say, “Omg I could never, I love sleeping in too much.” Well obviously, that has changed and I feel good about it! It is crazy how your growth and your goals can change you in such a positive way. I’ve learned that to reach your goals or accomplish the things you want out of life, you must do some things that make you uncomfortable. But…

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    physical activities

    Quick Easy Workouts

    IM BACK! Well many of you know that we all can’t fit any physical activity in our hectic routines simply because of time. I’ve learned that when you are working towards any health goals or working on your well-being it takes time to take care of the mind, body, and spirit. Time management is a major key when becoming physically fit and eating right. But today we are going to speak about how to workout whether you can make the gym or not. These simple workouts can be done at home in the garage, in the living room, or at the gym. All it takes is about 30 minutes a…

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    Physical Activity Tips

    First post about physical activity and I am super duper excited everyone! Try to follow the physical activity tips which provides you with how to learn about the spiritual benefits of physical activity. Physical activity tips help you develop a healthy physique. This helps you to feel and enjoy the spiritual benefits of physical activity. This is something I indulge in everyday! Do you? I work with children so I am constantly running around after them but I also go to the gym and workout for about 45 minutes 4 times out of the week. When I first got my membership the consultant told me that in order to see…

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