Essentials for Physical Activity Workouts!

Hello everyone!

It is almost the Easter weekend! I hope all is well :). Just wanted to tap in and let you know lately I been working on my physical activity workouts. I have broadened my horizon, trying different workouts, and figuring out what I want to target. We all know that physical activity workouts we can’t just pin point what we want to work on, it is a combination of all body parts. Full body physical activity workouts are the best to see change within the body. You should also expect to know that some parts of our bodies are stubborn and require a bit more attention, this is when you can incorporate extra routines to ensure you engaged that certain part of your body a little more than others. When going to the gym it can be a bit overwhelming, so always be prepared. I made an earlier post about this, but I just wanted to brush up on more essentials that I have been trying lately when it comes to my physical activity workouts!

  1. Always have water, water, water, and MORE WATER! The body yearns for this because you lost much sodium from the body while sweating which then leads to thirst and will keep the body hydrated.
  2. Music is always motivation! Check out my workout playlist here https://youtu.be/nDG72VNjC0c
  3. Gloves for bars. I didn’t realize how important this was until I started lifting. I had blisters and it didn’t look so cute. The gloves are a life saver, you can get them at Walmart for the low lol.
  4. A towel. This really doesn’t apply to me because I like to feel the sweat when I am working out but some people sweat overload and it distracts them from their physical activity or workout. So try this!
  5. Notes or journal. This is important because if you have your workout planned out then it becomes easier to accomplish in the time limit you set for yourself. Always go in with a plan to prevent uncertainness or confusion. Sometimes I take with me sticky notes to prevent carrying a big journal.
  6. Variety of exercises. This is important to spice up your routine because there are several routines that you can do to engage each body part. You don’t want to keep doing the same workout, the body will get used to it and we always need challenges.
  7. Motivation! The mirror and results should be a lot of motivation for you! Keep going and remember why you started!

There’s my spill! Not long at all lol. But I hope this can benefit you all when completing you physical activity for the day. Happy Easter and eat lots of eggs  (literally protein). 🙂


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