Family Friends and Fun (3 F’s)

Lately, all I’ve been wanting to do is to have some natural fun. I’ve noticed that the natural fun begins with family and friends. I say this because these are the people you are around the most. These are the people that make you happy. These are the people that give you the biggest giggles and the ones who let you experience moments of vulnerability. They are important because they contribute to our health and wellness whether we know it or not. According to the Wellness Wheel family, friends, and fun have their own dedicated sector and meaning to our lives. Sometimes we look at family and friends as people who are always going to be there so we never think about their possible absence in our life. Therefore, we must cherish the moments with our family and friends before they’re gone! We must not take them for granted, and spend our precious time with them. Make time for them, share something new with them, bring up old memories, go on an adventure, and/or plan a small getaway. It becomes so much more fun when you do things with the people you love like your family and friends. Below I share with you some ideas and what I mean by family and friends equals fun!

1. Plan a mini dinner at someone’s house
2. Go hiking
3. Have game night*
4. Have wine and cheese night (healthy, they balance each other so well)*
5. Go down memory lane*
6. Put together a puzzle
7. Have a cook off
8. Plan a mini family reunion or plan the next big holiday together
9. Go to an escape room
10. Find a top golf location and enjoy the game
11. Visit the museum
12. Enjoy skate or bowling night
13. Volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen together
14. Have a sing/dance off contest*

Let me know of any other ideas, I’ve been into my creative style lately so I’d love to hear ideas everyone!
*My favorites!

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