In some of my earlier post I have told you all that incorporating physical activity can be very tough to do. It doesn’t always happen because of our life duties can get in the way.  This is perfectly okay, but I think I have a solution to this. Check it out NOW!

CARDIO EXERCISES! Cardio is one of the easiest ways to remain active and healthy. Cardio is short for cardiovascular which means participating in any exercise that requires your heart rate to raise. It doesn’t matter what type of cardio you do just as long as your heart rate is pumping you are in good hands. I remember my trainer telling me that on a scale of 1-10 your cardio should feel like a 7. If your cardio feels like a 7 or higher then you are getting your workout on ladies and gentlemen. When completing cardio you may want to keep a water bottle on you, a towel, headphones for music, and fanny pack (if you like).  This all helps because you will be constantly moving and you want to be extra prepared for it. You will experience a lot of sweat especially if your cardio exercise feels like a 7 or higher that I mentioned above :). Sometimes it may be better to break up your cardio exercise into “sets” like you would do strength training exercises.

I know some people are stuck between whether to do cardio exercises at the beginning or towards the end of your workout. I used to do it at the beginning of my workout but now I do cardio exercises at the end. Let me tell you why. When completing your cardio exercises at the beginning of your workout you may be putting too much of your energy into your cardio and forget that you still need your energy to strength train for the remainder of your workout. So with that being said I do my cardio exercises at the end of my workout. It is also best for the heart rate to be calm when leaving the gym, so I do a cool down for about 3 minutes. This really helps and allows my heart rate to get back at a steady paste to go about the rest of my day!

It is easy to incorporate cardio exercises on a daily basis without going to the gym. Try walking! Walk on your lunch break or walk your dog early in the morning before work or after work. Below I also shared with you some of my favorite cardio exercises I do at the gym and at home. Check it out!

  • Jump roping (FAVORITE) -Walmart has these for like $8
  • Treadmill (start at a steady pace for yourself and then gradually go up when you feel like you can handle it)
  • Elliptical
  • Bicycling
  • Stair master (this is the machine where you climb the stairs at a pace of your choice)
  • Jogging in the neighborhood early when the sun isn’t all the way up or towards the evening time
  • Jumping jacks
  • Burpees
  • High knees
  • Swimming
  • Walking

These are simple cardio exercises that will help you and your heart rate to pump. This is so important for me on my health journey and I hope this helps you too. Your heart is a muscle so it wants to be moved and worked just like any other muscle in your body. Don’t forget about it! Comment below about your favorite cardio exercises as it helps your physical activity!


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