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For the love of Blackberries!

Blackberries is one of the top healthiest nutritious foods on my list right now!  It is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, but most of all low in sugar! Most people rather have blueberries or strawberries (maybe because it has color) but blackberries are just as good! I think they are much sweeter in a sense and how they melt in your mouth its just a wonderful taste! Blackberries is such a good source of energy and a great food to eat when trying to regulate menstrual cycles and preventing cancer. It is filled with polyphenols, which is a group of antioxidants known for its willingness to fight cancer in the body. So eat these up! They are one of the healthiest nutritious foods used in the body to fight against chronic illnesses. Ladies, these are excellent for the regulation of your menstrual cycle. It is also loaded with Vitamin K which helps the hormone functions which means less cramping and PMSing. Wow such a relief right? Go get you some now ladies and let me know if you notice any difference. I would incorporate this nutritious food in the diet a week before and during your menstrual cycle!

Blackberries usually come last in the talk of “berries” because of course people love strawberries and blueberries. But no give blackberries a chance its health benefits is the best of them all. You can also add them to your smoothies and its a perfect on the go fruit you can just pop it right in your mouth and keep going!

Comment below on your experiences with blackberries!

Kiona XO

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