Hi everyone,

This will be a very simple, short, and sweet post! I just want to speak on a little about health and wellness and possibly provide you with some general overall health and wellness tips.

What is health to you? What is wellness to you? Do you use the words interchangeably? Do they have different meanings? Shall they not be used in the same sentence or question? How do you view these terms? Well for me, as things are changing I kept seeing this word wellness. For a long time the only word I used was health as it relates to taking care of yourself inside and out. Throughout undergrad I didn’t hear too much about wellness, I just heard health a lot. I am thinking this was the case because of the degree I was pursuing. I am infatuated with the word wellness now. When I began my graduate degree last year, the word wellness arose many times in my classes. As for me I began to use the word wellness a bit more. When I think of wellness I see a higher person than what I am now. This means being in tune with every aspect of my life, whether it is my career, physical environment, friends and family, money, significant other, health, personal growth and learning, and/or fun, leisure, and recreation. Wellness is a bit more specific than health. I say this because when most people think of health they think of physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Those are all awesome but it can be so broad that many of them can go into many different categories of your life which is why I think wellness is the elaborative part of ones lifestyle. I hope you all understood me how I view the words differently. Below I am going to share with you some simple health and wellness tips for your journey. Remember to always love your journey and love yourself through it all. No one will look out for your journey the way you will. Some health and wellness tips include:

  • Be yourself through it all
  • Set a schedule to follow on a consistent basis
  • Eat dinner by 7pm
  • Eat a big breakfast packing with protein and complex carbs to get your day started
  • Sip on water throughout the day as much as you can
  • Turn a negative into a positive whether this is at home, on the job, or at an event
  • Don’t forget to breathe during exercising
  • Try a food you never had before
  • Enjoy the process
  • Do not rush yourself, everyone moves at their own pace
  • Listen to your favorite song as many times as you like during the day
  • Be lazy (it’s okay)
  • Hide your phone from yourself for at least a hour a day if possible
  • Savor your favorite tea
  • Walk away from a negative situation
  • Make a new smoothie
  • Take yourself on a date
  • Ask someone on a date out of vulnerability
  • Share with someone your gratitude for them
  • Write a letter to someone
  • Redecorate a room in the house
  • Focus on breathing
  • Call a relative or friend you haven’t spoke to in a while
  • Take a nap
  • Cook dinner and save money on fast food
  • Take a bubble
  • Clean out your garage or a junky room in your house
  • Try something new with your look
  • Take pictures of yourself
  • Say no and mean NO
  • Set a career goal and fall through with it
  • Call that therapist or counselor you’ve been wanting to meet with
  • Write in your journal
  • Indulge in your favorite food whether it is healthy or not
  • Clean your room
  • Create a vision board
  • Go for a walk
  • Join a club or group that has many similarities as you do
  • Give yourself a hug
  • Give someone a high-five
  • Meditate (try guided meditation on youtube)
  • Don’t give up!

I hope those health and wellness tips helped you in some of those areas of your life to enhance your overall wellness. It doesn’t take long at all to celebrate health and wellness. If you want it as bad as you say you do then it’ll be easy. Be sure to define what health and wellness means to you and then it’ll all make sense once you start your health and wellness journey. I wish you the best! Feel free to comment or email any questions or suggestions you may have in regards to health and wellness.


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