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Healthiest Snacks for Road Trips

I mean who doesn’t go for a road trip every now and then? Healthiest snacks are essential when on the road. And who needs some of the healthiest snacks with them? I do! Matter fact I just went on one last week. I was so nervous about my eating habits and if I was able to drink as much water without stopping to go to the restroom. I found myself thinking so much about this that I had to tell you all about it.

I started to think about all my favorite foods I eat daily and how I could pack them up with me and turn them into the healthiest snacks I could think of. I also researched some other alternatives that wouldn’t require so much attention like the stove, microwave, grill, or broiler. I began to look around my house and I found a cooler which was a travel size one and wouldn’t take up much space in the car! I was happy because I could then take any refrigerated items. I knew I needed to be fueled up on protein, vegetables, and fruits to get me through the ride comfortably. I also thought that whatever I don’t eat I will have during my vacation (if I get sidetracked) and possibly be able to take some  snacks on the road trip back home. Here is what I came up with; a list of the healthiest nutritious food to take on a road trip!


-Boiled eggs (you can buy these pre-boiled or boil them on your own in advance)
-Almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc.
-Greek yogurt
-Justin’s almond butter (choose your favorite flavors out of many) [Honey and Vanilla are my favorite!]
-Sunflower seeds
-Fresh meats from the deli (turkey, ham, salami, jerky)


-Banana, apple, pear, orange, grapes (mainly any fruit here)
-Dried fruit


-Sliced cucumbers (put these in a ziplock bag)
-Celery sticks (put these in a ziplock bag)
-Veggie chips
-Carrot sticks


-Rice cakes
-String cheese

To make this happen it will take prepping just as if you were prepping during the week for home cooked meals. It’ll make it easier if you have:

-Ziplock bags
-Plastic utensils
-Trash bag for your trash 🙂

Drinking water on trips is kind of difficult especially if you are riding with a lot of people like I was. But there are so many nutrients in drinking water you can’t resist. People will soon become aggravated with the number of restroom stops that may be required while drinking water. You can bring small pints of water bottles and also get your water through fruit. Once you are at a steady stop for at least a hour then you can indulge in your water and enjoy your vacation just how I did! I hope this helped everyone for their healthiest snacks list. If you think I can add anything else please comment below.

Kiona XO


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