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Hi everyone! So I know its been a while since I posted something about vegetables! How can I forget? One of the most healthiest nutritious foods you can ever think about. I was not always a vegetable person, but when I changed my lifestyle I had to think of a way to incorporate this healthy food in my diet. Vegetables aren’t really the best people pleaser, but people don’t know how important vegetables are in their overall health. It supports the mind, body, and spirit so try your best to go green! Today I am going to share with you my experience with vegetables, how you can add them in your diet, how you can overcome the taste by making them taste amazing! Check me out below *wink*

I always heard that adding vegetables to your diet can help you lose serious weight. I never was against vegetables but I always only ate them at dinner. For some reason I think that is what my family thought a balanced meal was at dinner. It never ran across my mind how I can eat vegetables at any time of the day. The other issue I had was only eating the most common vegetables (I think we all been there). So in the mist I begin to think what are the best kind of vegetables? Canned vegetables, frozen vegetables, or fresh vegetables? The health nutritious ideal answer would be fresh vegetables right? Well my schedule doesn’t always permit but, the next go-to was frozen vegetables! They are fresh just frozen to help last a little longer. Oh and canned vegetables are still vegetables they are just a bit more processed, so not as healthy and nutritious as they should be.

I absolutely think that vegetables aren’t expensive at all. I know most people say it is expensive to eat healthy but when you buy vegetables its not that expensive. The only thing about that is if you buy fresh vegetables you have to cook them immediately so they remain fresh, healthy, and nutritious for that body of yours (hug your body). So I started by looking up vegetables I haven’t had in a while and vegetables I was interested in tasting. Stay close to the green leafy vegetables, they have so much more vitamins and are good sources of iron and can also improve your immune system. Here are some vegetables I try at home and hopefully you can too..

-Broccoli (steamed with salt, pepper, and garlic butter)

-Spinach (baby spinach or bulk) I sautΓ© this in a pan with salt, pepper, and garlic and herb seasoning

-Brussel sprouts (my favorite!) (I bake these with olive oil, salt, and pepper)


-Romaine lettuce (of course use this for salads)

-Mixed vegetables (I buy these frozen and boil them in a pan with salt, pepper, and garlic butter) it may include string beans, carrots, and peas

-Zucchini/squash (I stove top with salt, pepper, onion, and garlic)


-Peas (I just started eating these!)

Those are just a few of healthy nutritious vegetables I eat every single day! I am looking to try swiss chard, arugula, egg plant, mustard greens, and turnip greens in the near future. I also like sweet potatoes and plantains which aren’t green but also good source for vitamins just don’t eat many because they are starchy. I think that vegetables are pretty good you just have to season them very well but be mindful not to overdue it. I hope my seasoning techniques helped! I am still learning.

Finally, I try to add at least three servings of vegetables a day in my diet! So I do not eat an ordinary breakfast I eat vegetables and two good sources of protein. This requires meal planning! When I make vegetables at night I make sure to make enough for breakfast and lunch the next day. I eat vegetables with my meat for lunch and then I eat vegetables at night for dinner which is a small serving. My biggest serving of vegetables are breakfast and lunch because I need the most energy and nutrients for my busy days which is EVERYDAY! It helps when I have tupperware bowls and containers to store all of the vegetables. I am loving how vegetables make me feel all healthy and nutritious inside. It has really helped with my weight loss, the serving size and the number of serving size makes all the difference.

I hope you enjoyed my rant about healthy nutritious foods such as vegetables! Tell me your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or concerns. We are all here to learn πŸ™‚



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