Healthy Recipe Ideas for Football Season!!

Hello All,

So, football season is here! I know that this time of year is huge for a lot of you competitive football fans out there! So with football comes food right? I know many of you are guilty of it because although I do not watch football like that, I am always there for the food party :). It is hard to turn down. Well the only way to pig out is to have healthy recipe ideas going for your football night parties. Now if you watch football at a bar or a lounge it may be hard to order healthy foods there, but the healthy recipe ideas I am going to provide you with today are for home recipes. I know that is typically where most football is watched, is inside of your home with lots of people and entertainment. Now you can add some healthy recipes to your food menu. Here is how you do it:

Since I am not a football fanatic, basketball is my thing! I had to get creative with the healthy recipe ideas. I am going to begin with the easy ones that are quick.

  1. Fruit/Vegetable Tray- You CANNOT go wrong with these like at all, they are good for any type of party. & you know whats even better? When you make your own fresh fruit ad vegetable tray. But about three kinds of fruit and three kinds of vegetables to keep it simple. I am thinking green grapes, kiwi, and strawberries. Sometimes strawberries may be out of season at this time, so get a Gala apple and slice those up too. Place them neatly on a tray that you can easily buy. For vegetables get broccoli, carrots, and sliced cucumbers. For decoration you can have trays of almond butter for dipping!
  2. Spinach Dip- I know this is a favorite because it serves such a large group of people. But there is an awesome healthy recipe idea! There are so many recipes out there but you want to make sure you use fresh spinach and all fresh ingredients. As for chips try tortilla chips.
  3. Deviled Eggs- This is a super easy healthy recipe fact, you are still getting protein by eating eggs and watching football!
  4. Oven roasted wings- You can serve some baked drums and wings, this is a go-to for a large group of people!
  5. Sweet Potato Fries- You can easily bake these for 25 minutes. Cut the sweet potato into small sizes that look like french fries
  6. Chicken and Beef Kabobs- As pictured I cut these and placed vegetables in between. Make a lot each person will use about two!

I hope the football season healthy recipe ideas worked for you! I think this will be a great idea to throw a Super Bowl party using some of these healthy recipe ideas. Don’t forget these are just suggestions I would love to hear what you are cooking for football nights!


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