High Protein Foods!

Has anyone ever told you to eat protein protein protein? Protein foods are probably the most healthiest snacks for sure.  It took me a while to understand how to incorporate protein in my diet. I was always a carb kinda girl but that was not helping me lose weight. Protein did the trick! High protein healthiest nutritious foods helps the body build the muscle you need to fuel your energy. It is basically a fuel source of energy for your body. You will always need to consume a certain amount of protein everyday just so the body can function correctly. If you are looking to lose weight high protein healthiest snacks is an excellent source of nutrition that you could adjust to your diet. For me I never really knew the best high protein foods to consume, but as time went on I figured it out. I use MyFitness Pal app and based off what you log in, it counts the grams of protein that food contains. They also do this for fats, carbohydrates, sugars, potassium, etc. It is hard to say how much protein an individual should consume daily because of many factors. Factors such as your physical activity level, your goal for eating protein, and whether or not you are male or female. To start, in the morning I used to only eat one source of protein out of three nutritious foods, but I changed it to two sources of protein. For example, I used to eat a piece of fruit, and greek yogurt but that was not enough protein to begin my day. I now changed it to a Greek yogurt, boiled egg, and vegetable intake. Or if you are not a fan of greek yogurt you can try a boiled egg, sausage, or a protein smoothie. I noticed such a huge difference in my energy levels and I was a bit more fuller than normal. Below are more examples of high protein foods:

  • Lean Meats (Turkey, chicken, fish, and any pork or beef that has “loin”or “round” in the name) 18 – 26g
  • Greek yogurt (They have plain flavors or flavorful ones available at your local stores) 20g 
  • Some protein bars (be careful because some protein bars have too much sugar.. look for 6g or less of sugar in them) 6 – 8g
  • Justin’s Almond Butter (you can buy the jar or they have small packets) 7g 
  • Cottage cheese (You can mix this with chopped mixed fruit to get away from the bitter taste… but EXCELLENT source of protein) 23g

The high protein foods above are awesome to add in your diet and best of all most of these are easy to have on the go with you! I try to make things easy for you because I know most of you have busy lives just like me so on the go healthy foods are best! I hope you enjoyed these examples and if you would like more leave a comment below!

Kiona XO


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  • Kandace Wilson

    I love this blog! You made it easy for me to understand high protein foods that are easy to access and not just about protein bars. Thanks again

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