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Holidays are Over, 2018 next?

I can’t believe the holidays have came and went just like that! WELCOME 2018! This is absolutely my favorite time of the year. I enjoy being with family and friends. It’s just a time of laughter, joy, memories, celebration, and of course food! I am probably 100% sure that November, December, and January is the time that people gain the most weight. Holiday time is shared with others, and most people congregate through food. I’m serious, I know that during this time I eat the most and mostly because it is the holiday time and it isn’t going to hurt to indulge. My friend always like to emphasize the word “INDULGE!” That was my motto for the holiday and I stuck to it. It is so much fun being around family, friends, and food. Now I am struggling with trying to get back on a schedule that works for me (Im sure you all are too, like where do we begin). It all will work out because of the amazing new year coming. It makes it easier to set new goals because of this fresh start! This could be awesome for you too! Possibly changing up the schedule to see what works best. Reality has set in, which means back to business, appointments, work, and school but I know you and I can push through this! Expect for it to be a little shaky and unstable in the beginning, but it will take some getting used to as all new things should. This is normal, I am telling you that and sticking to that for myself as well. Routine is important for your health and wellness goals because it gives you balance. We all need balance and stability for hectic schedules, especially if our overall goal is to give our all daily right? I know for me to get back on schedule, I must get my to-do list going, food prep meals in order, and figuring out my gym classes and gym routines for the week. I do a lot of this planning on Saturday and Sunday. I will be getting to this very quickly and starting now as I am writing. When will you start your planning for the week? I love breaks but I also love routines and scheduling! I hope your holidays were filled with what exactly you though it would be! What does I take for you to get back on routine from the holidays?

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