How to Eat Mindfully

Hello everyone!

I know the holidays are approaching and food brings everyone together! Well it is kind of tough to not indulge in your favorite foods with your favorite people right? But there is a healthy way to do this you know? Now, I am not saying to not eat or stay away from the table but there is a certain way that you do this to not overeat or under eat. Lately, I have been reading books about eating mindfully. I bet you’re like well how do you that? It is sort of like a type of mindfulness practice like meditation, except it involves food. I tried this experiment with a strawberry where you do at least 9 steps to eat mindfully. You can follow these steps during the holidays to prevent any overeating and indulging. I know once that happens some may feel guilt or feel like you’ve taken three steps back in your health and wellness journey. Well with mindfully eating I guarantee you will not feel like that. Here is what I did to eat mindfully:

I had a strawberry and I:

  1. Observed the strawberry with my eyes only. Notice the color of it, the texture and what other observations you notice that you’ve never noticed before.
  2. Smell the food, does the smell make you want to eat it?
  3. Close your eyes to feel and touch the food (strawberry in my case), roll it around. Do whatever you can to feel the ridges, the crests, and the overall texture of the food.
  4. Place the food in your mouth, roll it around with your tongue. Do not bite it yet. Notice how it feels on your tongue, what does your body tell you at this point? To eat it or not to eat it? Does it began to dissolve in your mouth? Does your mouth water?
  5. Next, bite the food only one time. What does the food taste like? Does it taste different from any other time you’ve had the food? Is it beginning to dissolve in your mouth?
  6. Proceed to chew the food up into small pieces. This is actually a major key when eating because you are supposed to chew your food thoroughly before swallowing. This allows room for you to actually become full and for the nutrients to absorb into your body.
  7. Next you want to begin swallowing your food. Notice how it feels going pass your tongue and down your throat and eventually settling into your stomach. What does that feel like? Have you ever followed your food before? Some tend to forget about what happens during the swallowing process of healthy foods. Where does it go? How long does it take for it to feel like the food has settled?
  8. After that, determine what your body wants next? Does it want more of that food or are you full?
  9. Determine whether your body is hungry for more or even if your heart wants more. How does it make you feel overall now that you have eaten mindfully? Is it something your heart yearns for?

Mindful eating means a new way of eating for me. It is a technique that was kind or foreign to me, but you never realize that you don’t pay much attention to how you are eating, what you’re doing when you’re eating, and how does the food make you feel when you’re eating. We tend to do so many other things when we are eating, even when we are eating healthy but we never think about the food as a whole. We just know that we are hungry and it is time to eat. Most of us eat on autopilot which means eating the same time everyday because of hectic schedules, but what if our bodies isn’t responding to that schedule. Eating mindfully is something we should all consider. It could help with your self-esteem, eating habits, autopilot eating, trying new foods, weight loss, and goal setting. Eating mindfully may be something you’re missing from your healthy journey. Yes we know what to eat, but do we know how to eat?

I hope you all took SOMETHING away from this post, I put my all into writing it because to most of you it may be the first time hearing about. Think that you’re a judge on the food network channel and you have to provide descriptions to the participants about the taste of their food, except here you’re exploring more than just taste when you’re eating mindfully. You are exploring food through your senses, your heart, your mind, your body, and your spirit. WholeMindBodySpirit.


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