How to stay committed to the ab challenge?

How to Stay Committed to the 31 Day Ab Challenge?!
What Am I supposed to do to stay committed?
-Set a time during the day for yourself to do the challenge
-Find an accountability partner (someone who will hold you accountable for completing the exercise). Be        sure to let them know what works great for you as a reminder or as motivation
-Complete it during your workout for the day. Make it one of the last things you do before you finish  exercising
-Complete this before you shower because afterwards you may not be in the mood to get in the floor because you’re clean!
REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED: Remember why you committed and use it as your motivation. Remember why you even have it saved in your phone, it must be important to you! We all put in forth effort for things that are important for us
Helpful Tips:
-If the challenge may seem too tough for you, modify it! It’s going to be okay, think of a plan that may work for you (e.g. completing 10 crunches for week one and 20 for week two, etc.)
-Have a timer on hand for your planks
-Eating wise and nutritious will help with results as well as physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day
-Turn on some music for the length of the challenge
-Share it with a friend and/or share on Facebook!
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