Its all about what you eat!

Stuck between eating and not eating? Or stuck between what to eat and when to eat? Do you prefer healthiest snacks to eat?Β Its so hard right? Β Here is an easy way to think about it. Most of the time you can eat what you want it is just the timing of it! Well most of the time you need lots and lots of energy in the morning to get your day started. This should be easy because this is where you can eat the most carbohydrates and eat high protein foods! Breakfast is the biggest meal you NEED! It will help you get through a long day. Let me just give you guys a rundown of how I eat during the day!


1 piece of fruit for ENERGY or a vegetable (I prefer a vegetable it fills me up a bit more)

1 Greek yogurt (protein)

Boiled egg or two sausage links or patties (I like to alternate between the two) (protein)

(wait 2 to 2.5 hours for a snack) which can be another piece of fruit if you’d like


Protein (most of the time it is meat for lunch) or salad with a light vinaigrette dressing or oil and vinegar

Complex carbohydrate (vegetables, sweet potatoes, or a piece of fruit here but I prefer vegetables AGAIN)

(wait 2 to 2.5 Β hours for a snack) This snack will be your energy source before your workout! Such as hummus and pretzels, cottage cheese and fruit, or trail mix.

Gym Time πŸ™‚

After gym: Protein bar or a greek yogurt


If it before 7pm you can have a protein and carbohydrates but if it is after 8pm than all you need is protein especially if you did not consume enough during the day or too many carbs during the day! Make sure you eat at least 100g of protein ONLY if you are physically active. The average sedentary man or woman eats less protein because they are not working it off in a gym or participating in physical activity. If you eat carbs or too much protein that contain lots of energy is just sitting on you while you’re sleeping and then it turns into fat! Usually when you’re home at night you are not doing enough to burn that fat so it is best if you eat light at night. Protein will help you feel full just watch your intake.

Try this and please comment below if you notice any change in your energy level, inches on your body, or your workout in the gym!

-Kiona XO



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