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8 Meal Prepping Techniques

Hello All,

So I have to be real with you all, one of my favorite things about nutrition is the meal prepping part. It is so fun to me because I get to plan and be organized. I think I like it because I am a planner and very organized person, I am so good at it. I can say I’ve always been good at planning and organized, but to be honest I wasn’t always good at meal prepping techniques. It took a while to get the hang of it and to realize what meal prepping actually meant. I saw tons and tons of meal prepping techniques but I could not seem to understand, what foods went where and what type of materials I needed. This is a sidenote: I think one of the most intimidating meal prepping technique is to see pictures of neatly put bowls and ziplock baggies on social media sites. I used to think like omg they make it look so easy, but in actuality its not. Don’t get me wrong meal prepping techniques could be easy, but just keep practicing, learn what you like, and learn how to fit it in your day and then thats when it feel easy. No it will not happen overnight but meal prepping techniques could be a breeze if you listen to these steps and procedures below. Thanks πŸ™‚


  1. Realize if meal prepping techniques are for you. You do not have to meal prep. I repeat YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MEAL PREP! Know if you are going to have time in your schedule to do it, and know whether or not deep down if you want to do it. Meal prepping requires a dedicated individual for these particular techniques.
  2. Prepare yourself by having meal prepping containers/bowls readily available. You want to have meal prepping Β bowls with different sections in them to section off your food if you don’t want it touching or all jumbled together. This is a much neater way to prep your meals.You can purchase these bowls from a Walmart, fresh foods market, or a huge food club.
  3. Know what you plan to use in your food prepping containers. This is important to do ahead of time. For instance, I plan for the whole week. If you do that, then it’ll be easier to know what meal is on what day. If you plan your meals for the week your breakfast, lunch, and dinner will go by smooth.
  4. Make sure you have a lunch box that’ll fit your meal prep container especially if you’re traveling with your food. This is highly recommended. If you work at home, then all you have to do is make sure there is room in your fridge.
  5. Lastly, sometimes when you buy fresh fruits and vegetables you have to make sure they’re ripe and know when to chop and cut them. In order to meal prep these items you will need possibly some plastic ziplock bags, knives, and a cutting board.
  6. Use your TIME WISELY. This is the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL PREPPING TECHNIQUE. I say this because it costs to be healthy meaning it will take time and our time is valuable. Be mindful of your time and take a day (for me its Sunday) to write out your meals and go grocery shopping for the week.
  7. Meal prepping does not mean cooking one day for the whole week. That does not work for me because I like my food extra fresh πŸ™‚ You can still cook every night or every other night if you’d like as long as you KNOW what you are going to cook and if your schedule permits. That is how I normally do it.
  8. BE CONSISTENT. It may be hard in the beginning, but everything is hard in the beginning until you practice and get used to a new routine. Do not give up! I can say that these meal prepping techniques have worked absolute wonders for me on my health journey!

I hope these meal prepping techniques will work for you! I seem to have told you all my whole routine and hope you can take at least one of the tips from above. Meal prepping helps save time on your meal prepping journey and also help save money. You will notice that you hardly spend money at restaurants or other food places.

Good luck to you on your meal prepping technique routine!


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