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Mindfulness: S.T.O.P!

Did you know that 75%-90% of physician visits are stress related? As I was in class this week, my instructor came up with a great acronym to use once you even think you may become stressed or react to something that’ll cause stress. This makes me immediately think about the mind, body, and spirit. Stress can affect all aspects of health and wellness. Most people think it is only related towards emotional and mental health, but it can show up in other areas. Areas like physical health while working out, you may feel zoned out and not wanting to complete your workout. You may also experience how stress can affect your career and family health. Stress is common amongst all of our lives because we are so busy and because we have so much to do. A lot of stress can be prevented by simple practices like mindfulness and self care. We always need those constant reminders though. We always need advice on what to do in the exact moment we experience stress. Most of our brains are trained to automatically react and that can cause harmful consequences and misconstrue our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. We typically are upset, aggravated, isolated, and our day isn’t so great if stress comes up. What if you knew what to do when you feel any ounce of stress about to show up in your life. I just might have a solution that could possible help you with this! I am currently trying it and it feels amazing when you have control of your stress, and your stress doesn’t have control over you! I believe acronyms are the easiest things to remember and my instructor came up with this easy one. Be sure to use it to reduce stress in your life!

S- Stop

T- Take a few breaths

O– Observe

P– Proceed

Proceed with something that will support you in the moment.

We all need this, I promise we do! Put it in your phone where you can see it! Once you’re in the moment of stress you immediately think to freak out. But no, no, no, no, train your mind to follow the S.T.O.P. method and see the difference. It is not ignoring your stress or whats stressing you out, it is simply handling it in a way that is beneficial to our brains which becomes easier on our overall health and wellness goals.

“It is not stress that can ruin our lives, it is how we react or respond to it.” 

How can you apply this method to your every day life? I hope you all can use it!!


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