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I have not been active on here like I should. Definitely follow me on Instagram and Facebook @wholembs I am active on there A LOT! That way you will be able to see my day by day posts plus good advice and tips! But I am here today to make a review post about this Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste! I got it as a gift for Christmas from my supervisor, given to all employees actually!

First off I had no idea it was BLACK! I guess when I seen charcoal I was thinking more a grey color. Lol I guess I didn’t read it thoroughly. But I have two items, the toothpaste and the natural probiotic supplement tablet with it!

The Toothpaste…

  1. It is black.
  2. Very natural; no preservatives, no triclosan, no foaming agents, no fluoride, no detergents, no artificial additives. It is basically NATURAL!
  3. It is still flavored, spearmint flavor.
  4. It does not make any foam or suds, this threw me off because I didn’t feel like I was thoroughly brushing, I am used to seeing the foam and feeling it. Thats how I know I am getting a great brush!
  5. It is very light and not thick at all. I kept adding more and more to get the feeling of normal toothpaste. It dissolves so QUICKLY onto your teeth!
  6. It will definitely color your sink, but just some water and cleaner and that should do it.
  7. Your breath will still smell great after using although the flavor is very light.
  8. The best thing about is that I NOTICED MY TEETH WERE WHITER!

The Pro-Dental Probiotic Tablet…

  1. They remind you of small mints.
  2. You are supposed to take it right after brushing your teeth.
  3. You can either chew it or swallow it with water.
  4. It has a natural mint taste so I typically chew them.


I will definitely be buying more! I’ve been into trying natural and organic products for my hygiene and beauty so this was a great opener for me. I actually ran out of toothpaste and remembered I had the activated charcoal toothpaste. I will say do not use this toothpaste as your everyday toothpaste. I think until you fully transition into using this toothpaste, still go with your regular toothpaste. I suggest using this as a follow up, like right after your main toothpaste. That’s what I am doing! Of course continue to use mouthwash and floss. Also take pictures of your teeth before and after in the same light and see if you notice a difference. I haven’t noticed much of a difference taking the probiotic supplement, but it hasn’t been a week yet so I will continue to keep my eye on any changes. I think that being that it doesn’t foam up, I might be prone to using it too much in one brush and then run out of the toothpaste quickly. You can order this from hyperbiotics.com. They have many other products, but if you are interested in oral health then definitely try this out! I am ordering more very soon again and I hope you guys do too!

Let me know if you have anymore questions!


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