Overnight Oats!

I love love love oatmeal. It is my favorite breakfast! I used to only like it when my mom and cousin made it for me as a little girl. I would never eat it from anyone else or anywhere else. They used to make it with carnation milk, butter, and sugar. I know sounds so fattening, but it was so good. Topped with cinnamon geesh, I love it. They still make it this way. One day I was looking on the internet to figure out how I could make oatmeal but make it a healthier way. I seen something about overnight oats, I was like hmm I am not too sure about this, how will I cook the oats? I know when my family used to make it for me, eating oatmeal leftover and warming it up didn’t have the same taste of greatness to me. The best thing about overnight oats is that it cooks “overnight” in the fridge. The suggested time is 5 hours, but many just let it sit overnight and eat it in the morning. So I gave it a shot! I already had most of the ingredients, so that wasn’t the hard part. It was believing it will be sweet enough and good enough by the morning time. There are so many recipes and so many flavored overnight oats on the internet. I found two that I really enjoy the most and I am going to share with you below. 

Oatmeal is a great breakfast because it has so much fiber, protein, and is also a grain product. With all of those it will fill you up for hours. Especially with added milk and fruit. It just gives you the complete breakfast feel. Now there are so many different types of oats to buy but I usually by from the Quaker brand. They have other names by Quaker you’ll find is Rolled Oats, Steel Cut Oats, Quick 1 Minute Oats, Old Fashioned/Rolled Oats, and Instant Oats.  Let me give you brief rundown of the difference between these and then I will share recipes!

I got this straight off the Quaker oats website: http://www.quakeroats.com/oats-do-more/why-oats/the-difference-between-our-oats

Steel cut: Chewy texture, cooks in 20-30 minutes, chopped grains

Quick 1 minute: Thin texture, typically cooks in 1 minute, smooth grains

Old Fashioned/Rolled: Firm texture, cooks in 5-10 minutes, flattened grains

Instant: Soft texture, microwaves in minutes, thin and finely chopped grains

The best thing is these are all healthy options, it just depends on how long you would like your oats to cook and the texture you prefer! So far I’ve had instant and quick 1 minute oats, next I will be trying steel cut and old fashioned/rolled oats since I usually only make them as overnight oats. This gives them more than enough time to cook in the refrigerator. 

Check out this link for some overnight oat recipes! https://www.wholembs.com/overnight-oats-recipes/


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