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    Benefits of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

    Omg, I cannot believe I found like the best salt ever! Pink Himalayan Sea Salt rocks, literally lol. One thing about me is when I pick my foods, I do not like extremely salty foods it does not taste good to me. It immediately takes away the great taste from the food and all I seem to do is taste the salt, which isn’t so satisfying. I am also not one of those people to add extra salt at restuarants or extra salt to home cooked meals. I leave it as it should be. Consuming too much sodium is not healthy for your body. I was using Morton’s table salt,…

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    Real Body vs Instagram Body

    Hey my MBS loves!   I hope your day is going great great great! Im here to talk real today! The truth about your body versus your instagram body! We all have an inspired body that we want, and now it is likely to want to have a body we absolutely love. This necessarily doesn’t mean that you don’t love the body you have now, it just should be appreciated much more. Sometimes we tend to forget that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We also should be aware to be careful of what we ask for. Its possible to work for health and wellness goals each…

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    Are Eggs Really Healthy?

    Hey everyone! This post is going to be about eggs. You may find you know a little something something about eggs and you also may learn a little something something new today! Many people know a lot about eggs and many people may not know what eggs can do to our body! I bet some of us don’t even think about what we are purchasing, we just pick it up (I used to be so guilty of that so don’t feel bad). Maybe because it may be something we grew up on it and we just buy it because our parents did. Or you may pick it up because it…

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    What to do at the GYM?

    Hey everyone! Not going to make this long, but today I wanted to share with you some gym equipment in case you may get there and not know what you can use for your strength training exercise routines or your favorite full body workouts. The gym can be intimidating! The best thing to do is to write down what body parts you want to work on. To get more specific, you may want to write down exactly what exercise you want to do, how many reps, how many sets, and how long will your full body workout be. It doesn’t always have to be full body workout. Some like to…

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    Family Friends and Fun (3 F’s)

    Lately, all I’ve been wanting to do is to have some natural fun. I’ve noticed that the natural fun begins with family and friends. I say this because these are the people you are around the most. These are the people that make you happy. These are the people that give you the biggest giggles and the ones who let you experience moments of vulnerability. They are important because they contribute to our health and wellness whether we know it or not. According to the Wellness Wheel family, friends, and fun have their own dedicated sector and meaning to our lives. Sometimes we look at family and friends as people…

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    Turning Negatives into Positives

    This is so possible! I swear. I know you always hear the phrase two negatives equal a positive, and its true not only in math class but also in real life! So many things could be going wrong in your life, but you cannot dwell in the negatives you have to incorporate your positives. Extremely important because you would be miserable if you didn’t turn your negatives into positives. Now I know it is easier said than done, but think about it the more time you spend focusing on the negative the more time you feel horrible, helpless, stressed, and frustrated. It takes a mindful mind to know how to…

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    Brief Food Prepping Steps!

    Hey guys! Lately, I have been really busy and the only way to get through my week the healthiest way I can is to do food prepping. I usually do this on Sundays and the meals last me up until Friday, and I try to wing it during the weekend. This seems to work for me. I have mastered this actually, that I started to offer food prepping services in the city of Charlotte, NC. I enjoy following the food prepping steps to get through my week. It helps me feel prepared and also nourishes the body. I love it! I used to underestimate my ability to follow the food…

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    Strength Training Exercise Routines!

    Hello everyone! I am here for the fit life lol. It ay be hard but once I see results it keeps me going or sometimes I just exercise to maintain and to keep me in good spirits. I am not really a big fan or cardio exercise routines, but if I end up doing them its something like the treadmill, fit step sculpting, or jump roping. I see the most results during strength training exercise routines. I guess this is because I lift heavy and then lose that excess fat. Strength training is highly effective because it helps you build muscle and stronger bones, which lead towards becoming leaner and…

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    How to stay committed to the ab challenge?

    How to Stay Committed to the 31 Day Ab Challenge?! What Am I supposed to do to stay committed? -Set a time during the day for yourself to do the challenge -Find an accountability partner (someone who will hold you accountable for completing the exercise). Be        sure to let them know what works great for you as a reminder or as motivation -Complete it during your workout for the day. Make it one of the last things you do before you finish  exercising -Complete this before you shower because afterwards you may not be in the mood to get in the floor because you’re clean! REMEMBER WHY…

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    31 Day Ab Challenge: Gym/Home Workouts

    Check out the ab challenge below, it can be done at home or at the gym! It is for 31 days of May. Summer is coming so lets get our bodies right. Need help sticking to the challenge? Contact me on the contact page! 🙂 Subscribe to the channel: @wholembs See you there! KIONA XO

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