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    Brief Food Prepping Steps!

    Hey guys! Lately, I have been really busy and the only way to get through my week the healthiest way I can is to do food prepping. I usually do this on Sundays and the meals last me up until Friday, and I try to wing it during the weekend. This seems to work for me. I have mastered this actually, that I started to offer food prepping services in the city of Charlotte, NC. I enjoy following the food prepping steps to get through my week. It helps me feel prepared and also nourishes the body. I love it! I used to underestimate my ability to follow the food…

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    Strength Training Exercise Routines!

    Hello everyone! I am here for the fit life lol. It ay be hard but once I see results it keeps me going or sometimes I just exercise to maintain and to keep me in good spirits. I am not really a big fan or cardio exercise routines, but if I end up doing them its something like the treadmill, fit step sculpting, or jump roping. I see the most results during strength training exercise routines. I guess this is because I lift heavy and then lose that excess fat. Strength training is highly effective because it helps you build muscle and stronger bones, which lead towards becoming leaner and…

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    How to stay committed to the ab challenge?

    How to Stay Committed to the 31 Day Ab Challenge?! What Am I supposed to do to stay committed? -Set a time during the day for yourself to do the challenge -Find an accountability partner (someone who will hold you accountable for completing the exercise). Be        sure to let them know what works great for you as a reminder or as motivation -Complete it during your workout for the day. Make it one of the last things you do before you finish  exercising -Complete this before you shower because afterwards you may not be in the mood to get in the floor because you’re clean! REMEMBER WHY…

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    31 Day Ab Challenge: Gym/Home Workouts

    Check out the ab challenge below, it can be done at home or at the gym! It is for 31 days of May. Summer is coming so lets get our bodies right. Need help sticking to the challenge? Contact me on the contact page! 🙂 Subscribe to the channel: @wholembs See you there! KIONA XO

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    Essentials for Physical Activity Workouts!

    Hello everyone! It is almost the Easter weekend! I hope all is well :). Just wanted to tap in and let you know lately I been working on my physical activity workouts. I have broadened my horizon, trying different workouts, and figuring out what I want to target. We all know that physical activity workouts we can’t just pin point what we want to work on, it is a combination of all body parts. Full body physical activity workouts are the best to see change within the body. You should also expect to know that some parts of our bodies are stubborn and require a bit more attention, this is…

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    Hi March!

    March is here everyone! Lets make it a great one 🙂 February was a short month, but we have a long month ahead. What can you do to make it better than last month? What can you do to make it a significant month? What can you do to make it a simple month? But most of all what can you do to make it a memorable healthy month? Respond to this in the comments! Post a video saying what you plan to do and tag @wholembs! Be sure to use hashtags as well #wholembs!! I am looking forward to these responses! I hope your month is great and I…

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    OMG! It’s been a year since I have been blogging and I must say I have come a long way! I remember the night I dreamed of this in my sleep. I had to make it come to life. I just didn’t know how, I had no idea about blogging and setting up a website. I was completely clueless, but the type of person I am I like to make things come to light itself. If I see it, I want it and I am going to go get it. We all should have that mindset right, but sometimes I try to do entirely too much lol. I just like…

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    Mindfulness: S.T.O.P!

    Did you know that 75%-90% of physician visits are stress related? As I was in class this week, my instructor came up with a great acronym to use once you even think you may become stressed or react to something that’ll cause stress. This makes me immediately think about the mind, body, and spirit. Stress can affect all aspects of health and wellness. Most people think it is only related towards emotional and mental health, but it can show up in other areas. Areas like physical health while working out, you may feel zoned out and not wanting to complete your workout. You may also experience how stress can affect…

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    Vacations are a part of Health and Wellness!

    Hey you guys! I know it’s been a while, but I have been on vacation. There are so many tings I do within my life, and I felt like a break was needed. No, but seriously when you feel burned out its okay to take a break just don’t ever quit. It isn’t always easy to be able to plan a vacation, but plan ahead of time. So that is what I did a long with a couple of my homegirls! Hey y’all!  Daily life can sometimes tire me literally and it is no better feeling than to relax on the beach which automatically takes away my worries. If you…

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    Holidays are Over, 2018 next?

    I can’t believe the holidays have came and went just like that! WELCOME 2018! This is absolutely my favorite time of the year. I enjoy being with family and friends. It’s just a time of laughter, joy, memories, celebration, and of course food! I am probably 100% sure that November, December, and January is the time that people gain the most weight. Holiday time is shared with others, and most people congregate through food. I’m serious, I know that during this time I eat the most and mostly because it is the holiday time and it isn’t going to hurt to indulge. My friend always like to emphasize the word…

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