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Physical Activity Tips

First post about physical activity and I am super duper excited everyone! Try to follow the physical activity tips which provides you with how to learn about the spiritual benefits of physical activity. Physical activity tips help you develop a healthy physique. This helps you to feel and enjoy the spiritual benefits of physical activity. This is something I indulge in everyday! Do you? I work with children so I am constantly running around after them but I also go to the gym and workout for about 45 minutes 4 times out of the week. When I first got my membership the consultant told me that in order to see change I would have to workout at least 4 days out the week for a hour. I may be a little off but as long as I maintain and don’t tread backwards then I still feel good and so should you :). Not only do I want to see change in my body but working out also makes me feel good inside and it is also a way to refocus my mind and spirit, and take a break from daily life situations. There are days when you are going to feel really motivated to go to the gym and then there are days when you are going to feel pooped out and just want to go home. This will be the time to rethink your purpose and what you want. Only YOU can make it happen! I am pretty sure most of you work during the day, so you either workout in the morning or in the evening. Healthy eating may be useful in binding up your workout and physical activity as well. The physical activity workout in the morning is best because it fuels you to get your day going, rather then doing it after work which is my case. Well I continue to stay motivated so please look below for some physical activity tips:

1. ALWAYS BE PREPARED: Invest in a gym bag and a locker. This is important so you can change out of your clothes and store your belongings in a locker at your local gym. If you have a lock (which is no more than $2 at Walmart) then you don’t have to worry about leaving anything or taking anything with you for your workout. In your gym bag you should have:

A change of clothes (workout attire)
Water bottle (refill as needed)
Weight-lifting gloves (in case you use machines they can really irritate the palm of your hands)
Jumprope (by choice…about $5 at Walmart)
Fannie pack (I put my phone in here and key to the locker)
Perfume mist (to freshen up afterwards…use this lightly!)
Post workout snack
2. EAT 20 MINUTES PRIOR TO WORKOUT: This is extremely important to do because you CANNOT successfully workout without any substance or nutrients in your body. Your body will suffer from dehydration and you can possibly go unconscious and experience dizziness and nausea. This is because the body doesn’t have the energy and the energy comes from your food. Now this doesn’t mean to eat McDonald’s or a piece of candy because the body cannot function off of those nutrient levels because of the fat and sugar. Follow healthy eating tips prior to workout. Try something like a protein energy bar (I like PowerCrunch French Vanilla Creme Energy Bar), a piece of fruit (apple, orange, banana), a granola bar, trail mix, or a rice cake. You need a good source of protein and carbs for that energy. As there are enormous nutrients in drinking water, it may also build up your stamina to workout. Besides you need energy to rebuild your cells, and there are various nurients in drinking water.

3. COME IN WITH A PLAN: Know what you want to accomplish during the workout. Keep in mind some physical activity facts may be extremely helpful. It is pretty hard to solely focus on one muscle for 30-45 minutes and that is not recommended. I break mine up to whole body, upper body and abs, or lower body and abs. I rotate these throughout the week. This is easier because it can be overwhelming walking into the gym with so many machines and so many people. We want to prevent this from happening right?! Also come in with a time frame of how long you want to stay. The best workouts are 30 minute workouts because they are quick and can be easily achieved because the heart rate is constantly up. Try it out! Spend some time stretching the body before and after the workout. I also do a 15-20 minute cardio at the end of the workout.

4. MAKE IT FUN & ATTRACTIVE: Working out isn’t the best time to be reserved, it is a time to let loose. For me this is listening to music through headphones, wearing cute gear (color coordinated most of the time), and maybe even bringing a workout partner. I prefer not to because everyone doesn’t have the same goals so working out by myself is the better option for me! Don’t be afraid to ask the trainers or staff for help if you are unsure about a workout, how a machine works, or if you are looking for new exercises that don’t require machines. They are there for your questions!

Last thing, don’t limit yourself to just using the gym as your physical activity boost. The above healthy eating tips improve your health. Follow the physical activity facts for a better life. Get outside! There are a million ways to incorporate physical activity. You can try tennis, soccer, basketball, flag football, zumba, yoga, different types of dance classes, karate, kick boxing, etc. The sky is the limit with this one! Comment below what you do to stay motivated and prepared for your physical activity routines!

I hope you enjoyed it and see you soon!

Kiona XO



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