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6AM Physical Activity Workouts

Hey, you beautiful people, I recently switched over to 6am workouts instead of working out in the evening. I kept looking for another strategy to have much more evening time. I remember when people would say they workout in the morning, and I used to say, “Omg I could never, I love sleeping in too much.” Well obviously, that has changed and I feel good about it! It is crazy how your growth and your goals can change you in such a positive way. I’ve learned that to reach your goals or accomplish the things you want out of life, you must do some things that make you uncomfortable. But I know I made a great decision with choosing to exercise in the morning rather than the afternoon. I think the hardest thing is waking up in the morning, which is usually an hour and 30 minutes earlier than what I’m used to. But once I am up, I am up. I go to the gym that is closest to my job, and I just shower there and get ready for work. It’s much easier in the morning to get ready, especially if you have all your things set out and organized at night. This way in the morning, all you must do is grab your things and go to the car. But overall, it’s been a great experience although I am still breaking into the new routine. I am still learning and estimating the time I need in the morning. There are many benefits engaging in physical activity in the morning versus in the evening. Check it out below:

1. The gym is not as crowded compared to after hours. The less people the more equipment available for you to use. This is motivating in a sense because you have options for your workout routine.

2. Your energy levels are higher. I noticed that when I grab a piece of fruit in the morning and then head to the gym, I have way more energy than I do in the morning. After waking up I am using that energy to exercise, rather than waiting after work where I feel lazy and ready to rest.

3. I have much more time to do what I want in the evening. I am preventing traffic to get to the gym and leaving from the gym. I could run errands or just simply go home after work. It feels good to not have to rush in the evenings anymore! Thanks to this new routine.

4. Exercising in the morning motivates me for the rest of my day and for my next morning workout too. I think it’s the momentum I have in the morning versus the evening time, which also may affect my energy levels.

5. I still have time to eat breakfast in the morning whether I eat it in my car, the locker room, or the break room at work, but always remember to still eat something after the workout even if you ate before the workout. You can eat something like a protein shake, cottage cheese, granola or grains, banana, yogurt, or any lean protein. This helps with soothing the muscle after physical activity.

There, I shared with you all what makes exercising in the morning a better fit for me. This will not work for everyone but if you would like to try something new in your routine, I highly recommend this! If you are looking for more time, then this may work for you too. If you are looking to kickstart your day early, then go for it! Physical activity should be a part of your routine every day for at least 30-40 minutes. It is possible, just adjust your time if it is a priority to you! Which I really hope it is 😊


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