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Well many of you know that we all can’t fit any physical activity in our hectic routines simply because of time. I’ve learned that when you are working towards any health goals or working on your well-being it takes time to take care of the mind, body, and spirit. Time management is a major key when becoming physically fit and eating right. But today we are going to speak about how to workout whether you can make the gym or not. These simple workouts can be done at home in the garage, in the living room, or at the gym. All it takes is about 30 minutes a day to participate in some type of physical activity. I am going to provide you with a list and give you further information about reps and how long you should complete the exercise.

Jump rope

Cycling (Make sure the intensity level increases so that it’ll be worth the time and so that you’ll be getting the most out of your workout)

Quick jog or walk the neighborhood (I say walk if you are not normally working your muscles, this will help build your endurance)

Sit ups/crunches (Reps are really important for this quick workout, you can use a timer as well to see how many you can do in a minute or two)

Burpees (If you are unfamiliar then you may want to look it up; its a full body exercise, I suggest using a timer for one minute and three reps)

High Knees (you can interchange in between burpees and high knees if you’d like, it’ll help with intensity levels)

Jumping jacks (I suggest using a timer for two minutes)

Push ups (Helps with back and shoulders, use a timer)

Tricep dips (These can be done on steps, benches, and low chairs)

Planks and side planks (This is one of my favorite abdomen exercises, I time myself for 1 minute doing a regular plank, and side plank on each side)

Squats (For that extra lift for your gluten, I do 30 squats in 3 reps, you’ll feel the burn)

Lunges (Find a long stretch where you can do about 12 lunges on each leg walking, do this twice. It also helps with your gluten and quads)

You’re done! Now you don’t have to do all of those at once. For an easy quick workout I suggest breaking them up with upper body workouts and abdomen or lower body workouts and abdomen. Or you can also just focus on a full body workout as well. It is up to you! Another tip for your quick and easy workout routine is to focus on completing the reps in full to get the full workout. If you notice that some workouts may require a bit more strength thats when I use a timer. You can use the timer or stopwatch on your phone that helps me. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to complete this quick easy workout routine. But most importantly remember reps instead of weights, do not go too heavy if you think you can’t complete the exercise in full. Suck your stomach in and don’t forget to breathe while working out. It sounds crazy but it happens to me often lol. If you are releasing your muscles then you should breath out. For example with sit-ups, when you are getting ready to come up then you should breathe out. Give yourself a 30 second to 1 minute break in between switching exercises. This way your heart rate is still up. When you are moving into another rep for the same exercise give yourself about 20 seconds. After your quick easy workout you should feel great. DO NOT forget to stretch before and after your workout. In the beginning it will warm up your muscles to get going and towards the end think of it as a cool down. This will help with soreness the next day.

Stay tuned, videos will be coming soon of some of these exercises. What do you consider a quick easy workout? I am looking forward to hearing this!!


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