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I hope your day is going great great great! Im here to talk real today! The truth about your body versus your instagram body! We all have an inspired body that we want, and now it is likely to want to have a body we absolutely love. This necessarily doesn’t mean that you don’t love the body you have now, it just should be appreciated much more. Sometimes we tend to forget that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We also should be aware to be careful of what we ask for. Its possible to work for health and wellness goals each and everyday, but lets make sure they are SMART. This means Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely. I will go deeper into this later on this post.

Always remember that Instagram is just social media and most of the stuff on there is not realistic for an everyday body. Sometimes they are scams to try to get you to try a new product or routine. You know how the intuition works, f you feel it could possibly benefit you in the long run then go for it. Remember try things that will resonate with you forever and forever and not just temporary fixes. You may end up disappointing yourself if you’re looking for a temporary fix.

On instagram you tend to see full body workouts and strength training exercise routines but that doesn’t mean you will achieve that body over night. Thats what these pages don’t show. Some do show before and after pictures, but everyone’s body responds differently. It takes time, sacrifice, commitment, and will power to get there. Most importantly remember it takes time. Our bodies is the biggest part of us and it will take time to transform, just like it took time for to get an adult body it will take time to get a toned curvy body. The main thing is to enjoy your body throughout the process! This is the best part because you get to see your body changing right before your eyes. I always tell people to measure their progress by taking pictures and measuring themselves through their clothes. Stay away from the scale!! Weight loss and toning your definition weighs so differently so the scale is not always accurate. It can go up and down and it will drive you crazy and then you’ll end up not even knowing how much you truly weigh. Also if you do weigh yourself, always weigh yourself in the morning before you eat anything. Your body is in fasting mode while sleep so it will show your true body weight once it is awake.  You usually gain before you lose and when you lose in the beginning it is usually water weight. So, stay away from the scale. Maybe check it every two weeks or every three weeks, but never everyday.

Going back to making your health and wellness goals S.M.A.R.T this should be very specific for you to measure everyday. You want to hold yourself accountable of how you will measure that goal. For example, you could say “By January 2019 I will lose 10 pounds by cutting my calories and measuring my food for breakfast lunch and dinner”. It sound realistic and timely and includes number so thats a great way to go back and measure. Remember there is always room for adjustment. Also remember to start small and then go big, it just shows you how much your mind has control over your actions.

I learned that, for fat loss you want to focus on your nutrition and then training, and if you want to get stronger and gain muscle then you should focus on training like lifting weights and then nutrition. If you follow this you shall see change in your body goals. Do not compare yourself to anyone else journey or someone on those instagram pages, if you do you will never see your growth! Stay on your path and figure out what works best for you. Make SMART goals and always remember why you started when you feel like giving up. If you cannot do it on your own, seek a health coach, like myself who can help you reach your highest potential while going through your health and wellness goals. It takes serious planning, accountability, and commitment to start anywhere. It can be rough doing it on your own, especially if you are serious and want change. Instagram will have nothing to do with it, if you decide to post you can but it is never required! Health coaches are great if you are looking for long lasting change and if you need someone outside of your family and friends to understand how bad and how deep you want this change for your mind, body, and spirit. Think about it and contact me so we can start when you are ready! Everything is on your time and only you are in control. Be grateful for the body you have while reaching a better you!

In my above pictures, I have a picture of myself sucking my stomach when I sometimes wish this is how it looked. On the other side, I have a picture of my actual stomach sticking out without me flexing. My posture doesn’t even look right when I am sucking my stomach in. This is another one to notice if what you are seeing on Instagram is really real. Focus on posture and form, it is very important! I sometimes show both on instagram to help everyone understand I am not perfect either! Keep it realistic as possible! I hope this helped someone just a little bit 🙂


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