Restaurant Review: THE FAMOUS TOASTERY

Hey people!

I really don’t eat out much because I make most of my food at home! But the times that I do go out to eat, I try my best to make them healthy choices. I am not sure if everyone has one these around but I really enjoy The Famous Toastery! It is a really good restaurant for brunch if you like breakfast and lunch food. I think that everyone could get something off the menu they like there. I go at least once every three months maybe.

Some PROS of eating here:

One of the best things I like about their menu is that they have gluten free options and you can create your own omelette. They offer gluten free bread so gluten free french toast is always a go to for me! They also have really great red potatoes, so you get all of the nutrients from the skin if you’re eating red potatoes. They also have organic ketchup to go with it if you want to try it lol. There is no difference in taste really! They also have great green tea and the rich quality kind too, and honey and lemon to go along with it. I enjoy their omelette offerings. You can pick and choose pretty much any omelette of your choice and also create your own. They have every vegetable like peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms, different types of cheeses, different types of meat like chorizo, turkey bacon, sausage, and much more! They also have sandwiches, salads and of course choosing your toppings, they even have quinoa and kale. Those are two that are very uncommon at restaurants. They also have great wraps and many more lunch entrees.

Also everyone there is your server and not just one server, so you are always easily helped.

Some CONS of eating here:

Sometimes the wait is pretty long, but it also depends on what restaurant you are at. Although they offer gluten free french toast, it has be on the white bread and not on the cinnamon raisin or whole grain. This leaves the bread with no nutritional value. They are not really expensive, but once you add extra toppings and substitutions thats where pricing can be a bit high. They are also only open from 7am-3pm, so if you would like breakfast for dinner that might not happen here. LOL

But thats my little spill on the Famous Toastery! I love restaurants when I can eat really good and still able to have my favorite items! I hope you guys consider going here and ordering some of your favorite items too. If there isn’t one near you download the menu and take a look. I am looking for other health food restaurants to enjoy, I need to spice it up whenever I decide to eat out. What other restaurants do you guys think support health?

Sometimes it isn’t about what they sell, its about how much is offered, how much you’re eating, and the type and/or brand of food meaning if its organic, whole, fresh, and natural. Think about it! How much food do you eat that is whole?

I will get into that for another post. Stay tuned.

P.S. Check out my picture of my plate at Famous Toastery. It is gluten free french toast, eggs, red potatoes, and an orange. I enjoyed a glass of black coffee with this too! Send me pictures of your plate πŸ™‚



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