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Sleep is a Mindfulness Exercise

I am sure that many of you think that sleep doesn’t mean so much, but it really does today! Mindfulness meditation tips make your mind feel relaxed. Sleep is a part of mindfulness. It becomes a part of our health the older we get. Not only that young children need adequate amounts of sleep to be productive during the day just like adults. Not only do you want to be productive, but it allows you to be mindful and present. When I say this I mean you’re thinking for now and not for yesterday and tomorrow, it means you’re clear from worries and just remaining in the moment and soaking in the positive energy. Sleep sounds like one of the best mindfulness exercises huh? Sleep is trending worldwide when it comes to its improvements and the level of seriousness for our health.

Sleep derivation weighs in a huge factor of abnormal lab results at your doctor visits. It is associated with obesity, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, and hypertension! When I found that out I instantly changed my sleeping habits. I wanted to create a more consistent pattern to remain healthy. There are so many other factors that depends on how healthy your sleep cycle can be.  One factor is your environment whether it is noisy, hot, or unsafe.  The activities you participate in before bed such as eating, alcohol, light exposure, or even just watching television. Mindfulness exercises like sleep could be consistent in your healthy lifestyle that you’d recommend it to anyone just how I am recommending it for you all. Now I know it is going to be a bit difficult to just go to bed early but start gradually and take baby steps. This could mean adjusting your daily schedule and making sure you schedule sleep for at least 8 hours. Here is what you can do for a start:

-Use an alarm clock instead of your cell phone as an alarm clock.

-Place your cell phone in a drawer an hour before you know you’re going to sleep

-Incorporate deep breaths on your bed before you sleep

-Eat at least 1 hour and a half before you sleep

-Create a quiet environment prior to your sleeping time

-Do not sleep with the television on

-Be sure to have a comforting bed and blankets to create a good temperature in the room

If you are having trouble sleeping because of anxiety, sleep apnea, chronic pain, or distractions from your partner’s sleeping, please consider adding melatonin to your diet. This helps with regulating your sleep habits. It regulates your day and night cycles by responding to exposure of light for your day cycle and exposure of darkness for your night cycle. Some ways to get melatonin is through eating tart cherries, they are loaded with natural melatonin. It comes in a juice form which is more concentrated so it produces more melatonin, but it can be loaded with sugar so be careful especially drinking it before bed. Also a lot out two hours before bed to eat pineapples, oranges, and bananas which are fruits that help regulate melatonin for you. Again, these fruits can be very sugary so be aware of how much eat before bed time.

You can also check out this 5 minute video where Jessica Gamble talks about our natural sleep cycle and how to balance it all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z-vyLHi2us

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