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Strength Training Exercise Routines!

Hello everyone!
I am here for the fit life lol. It ay be hard but once I see results it keeps me going or sometimes I just exercise to maintain and to keep me in good spirits. I am not really a big fan or cardio exercise routines, but if I end up doing them its something like the treadmill, fit step sculpting, or jump roping. I see the most results during strength training exercise routines. I guess this is because I lift heavy and then lose that excess fat. Strength training is highly effective because it helps you build muscle and stronger bones, which lead towards becoming leaner and stronger overall. Some people do not know what strength training is because many people think the easiest way to lose weight is to run or do cardio. This is not the case, yes cardio helps but it is not the answer to achieve long lasting weight goals. There are so many parts of the body and they all require attention and they all require you to challenge yourself. Your muscle and bones keep you together and gives you the ability to be mobile and be out and about during your day. You want to be as strong as possible physically because you never know what may come your way. Strength training exercise routines are important when you are at home and at the gym. There are many classes that teach strength training and many trainers use that method of physical activity. When strength training exercises are used you are working all parts of your body as I mentioned to reach your health and wellness goals. Some parts of the body include chest, arms (triceps and biceps), shoulders, back (upper and lower), legs (hamstrings and quadriceps), and abdomen (core). While working all of those body parts, this is called strength training. Exercise routines include all of these body parts and they usually can all be worked in a 30-45 minute workout. I usually do strength training exercise routines on Tuesday and Thursday and cardio routines on Monday and Wednesday. This way my body gets a bit of both. To be honest, I knew all of those body parts needed to be worked but I had no idea of how to work them (I know that’s what you guys want to know). I had a personal trainer, but I made a decision to join a body pump class that taught strength training exercise routines so I could learn on my own the body parts I was working. It took me a while and honestly I am still learning what routines work for other body parts. Sounds like I should become a personal trainer lol. But not to make this post extremely long but below I am sharing with you some strength training exercise routines you can try at home or the gym! First let me teach you some terminology:

Bar or barbell= the long stick at the gym you attach the weights to
Weights= the circle weights with holes in the middle you put on the sides of the barbell
Medicine ball= it looks like a basketball but they come in different sizes because of the weight in them
Dumbbell= the weights you hold to lift in your hands

To make this shorter I will provide pictures in another post to show you what these exactly look like
Be sure to google these moves and adjust them according to your liking.
Barbell bench press
Seated machine bench press
Seated dumbbell press
Incline dumbbell press
Dumbbell curls
Seated Incline dumbbell curl
Bent over Dumbbell curl
Barbell curl
Standing Overhead extension
Laying barbell overhead extension
Tricpep dips (can be done on a really low chair or steps)
Side raises using dumbbells
Upright rows using dumbbells
Front raise using dumbbells (alternate arms)
Barbell deadlift
Pull ups
Lat pulldown
Bent over row (squeeze your shoulders together)
Leg press
Power cleans
Kettlebell one-legged deadlift
Leg curls
Abdomen (core):
Windshield wipers
Flutter kicks
Planks (front and side)
Leg raise
Toe touches
Reverse crunch

So I tried my best to sum up this post! I hope this helped someone even if it was just a little bit. The strength training exercises are better understood if you Youtube or if you take a body pump strength training class. I hope that the examples of the strength training exercise helped and then you’re able to make your own routines according to the number of reps and weights you desire. Let me know if you have any questions!

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