The Truth about Smoothies!

Hey you beautiful people!

This post is a smoothie appreciation post, no hate here lol. I just wanted to inform you guys about how beneficial and convenient smoothies are, I also wanted to inform you on things you should be cautious of while consuming smoothies! We all can use smoothies throughout our busy days so they really come in handy, whether you buy them or make them yourself. From a witness myself, we all should definitely be making our own smoothies. Read below about why I feel this way!

Smoothies are great! I wasn’t a fan at first like long time ago before my health journey but now I am! They are just a perfect combination of nutrients. Whenever I Make my smoothies I also think like geesh I can’t believe I can get protein, carbs, fats, and vitamins and minerals from a smoothie lol. Sounds good right. There are tons and tons of healthy recipes for smoothies out there. I sometimes follow them or sometimes make my own, depends on if I have all the ingredients or not. I typically am a “green machine” type of girl when it comes to smoothies! I always add at least two greens to my smoothies.

Smoothies are healthy and really great if you want to eat it as a substitute meal. I usually make them a meal replacement because they are just too filling for a snack. I like to either drink them for breakfast or dinner. I make them as needed because making them and letting them sit in the fridge overnight is a huge NO NO. It does not taste good at all when it sits, I think because of the milk and dairy added to it; it sometimes come out sour if it is left overnight. I like to make my own because I had a bad experience with going to a smoothie spot. Before the worker started making my smoothie she added a scoop of powder to the blender and I thought it was the protein powder. She proceeded to add another scoop of powder and I’m like wait I thought you already added the protein, what is that? She said it was protein, and I asked what did you put in the first time? She said sugar. I immediately said OH NO, no sugar! It was a huge scoop too. I cannot believe these smoothie places add sugar to their smoothies. I was in shock and that just really made me realize I should make my own smoothies from now on.

Smoothies as meal replacements are cool because it is low in calories and you get all the nutrients, but you do not want to make it a regular routine. Your body cannot produce and work based off of only liquids. It needs texture, it needs the full food. Remember whenever you breakdown a food, you still lose some of its nutrition because it isn’t considered whole anymore. I say go for maybe 4 smoothies a week, which makes one smoothie a day for 4 days. If you want weight loss or muscle gain that will determine what you put in your smoothie and how much you put in your smoothie. For muscle gain you will find recipes that call for more protein and bigger portions of ingredients, and for weight loss you will see smaller portions and more fruit and vegetables for the recipe.

I think thats my spill on smoothies. I just wanted to speak on them a little.

Here is a sample video of a smoothie I make! Very similar to my go to smoothies. You an always mix and match your ingredients and trade out items to make it much more versatile!


I hope this helps someone just a little and I hope your try at least one smoothie next week!



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