EVERYONE says to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day but who has time to do that? Or who has time to count glasses? Or who has glasses with them 24 hours a day? The majority are the people who don’t abide by those guidelines regarding the need for water. As an athlete in my grade school years, I was told there are many health benefits of drinking water. My band director would say you know you had enough water when your urine was really light yellow or even clear. If this happens that means your are hydrated and thats all that matters. Water is the answer to almost everything. My high school teacher would also send us to the hallway to get a nutritients of drink of water if we were sleepy in class. This caused our electrolytes to light up a little which helped rewire our brains during class. I can say this definitely worked! It is an inexpensive cleanser for your body especially when you are extremely thirsty. It is the only liquid in the world that quench your thirst the longest. Yes, they tell you to drink many other detoxes but based off of experience they only work temporarily and the taste is a plus too. There are so many health benefits of drinking water, it should make you want to do it!  Try to avoid bottled water because of the contaminations and toxins it may have from plastic. Most of the bottled watered is tap water anyway and sold at a markup price for companies. Filter your water! It is much cleaner and removes unwanted chemicals and toxins from the water. Water is always good to have with you when you are exercising because it helps you stay hydrated and helps regulate your temperature while working out. This allows your muscles to move and extend as much as you would like them. Keep at least one bottle of water with you when practicing physical activity.We give information for teenagers and adults about hydration and water drinking habits.

In addition, you can add fruit to your water to make the taste not so bad. Many people add lemons, kiwi, strawberries, and any other fruits they like. It helps with the digestive system and breaking it down much smoother. It also gives you just a boost of motivation to drink it! Oh and don’t forget to get you a cool, colorful, and cute water bottle to carry you throughout the day. I have the blue one above and everyone knows me by it! Find yours and post your health benefits of drinking water!

Kiona XO

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