Turning Negatives into Positives

This is so possible! I swear. I know you always hear the phrase two negatives equal a positive, and its true not only in math class but also in real life! So many things could be going wrong in your life, but you cannot dwell in the negatives you have to incorporate your positives. Extremely important because you would be miserable if you didn’t turn your negatives into positives. Now I know it is easier said than done, but think about it the more time you spend focusing on the negative the more time you feel horrible, helpless, stressed, and frustrated. It takes a mindful mind to know how to do this, this goes hand in hand with mindfulness meditation exercises. Once you’ve come to that realization that your mind is in control and you are in control of your mind, the ball is in your court. You begin to think about how I can do this. Well, I truly believe that turning negatives into positives truly work. Whenever you encounter negative just STOP and breathe, take at least 3 minutes to breath and notice your breath and only your breath. If you’re focused you will not think about any of your problems or whatever your negatives may be. Once you’ve done that proceed to do things in the moment that supports your negatives to be positives. It’ll all be worth it. Im going to give you guys an example of turning a negative into a positive.

One day you’re headed home and you plan to relax, take a bath, put your phone to the side, and watch tv. You really need this because you’ve had a long day at work and the weekend is not even near. Once you get home you notice your roommate, spouse, or sibling is there and they invited their friends over and they are laughing, drinking, and being very loud. As soon as you walk in the door you feel immediate anger and frustration again. You get to your room and you’re slamming things and didn’t even realize you didn’t speak to anyone. This is when you take your 3 minute breather to yourself, maybe go to your closet and put your headphones in and breath. Once you’ve done that go out to speak to everyone, shower or take a bath, and lay down with your headphones and proceed to watch tv. If this doesn’t work for you, think about going to a friends house, or doing something that keeps your mind off of stress.

Continue to practice this. The main thing about turning the negatives into positives is NOTICING your feelings and emotions as well as how you handle them. So the steps are similar to Gunaratana’s Mindfulness in Plain English book:

  1. STOP
  2. Notice your feelings but don’t get involved (how big is it? What is it? [label the feeling])
  3. Proceed with a supportive practice (breathing, yoga)

Sounds simple, but could be challenging if you’re not mindful. Turning negative into positives could help your optimism as a person. This could help with knowing the best is always going to arise. I love how it takes mindfulness meditation routines to get to this point of leveled space. I am open to hear about what you do in the moments yo find hard to turn into positives.

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