Hey you guys! I know it’s been a while, but I have been on vacation. There are so many tings I do within my life, and I felt like a break was needed. No, but seriously when you feel burned out its okay to take a break just don’t ever quit. It isn’t always easy to be able to plan a vacation, but plan ahead of time. So that is what I did a long with a couple of my homegirls! Hey y’all!  Daily life can sometimes tire me literally and it is no better feeling than to relax on the beach which automatically takes away my worries. If you can’t make it to a beach then plan to go to a city near you that will take your mind off things. I realize that sometimes even if you’re not working and still at home, you still may feel like you’re working or things may cross your mind that can easily make you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or overworked. It felt amazing to let all responsibilities go for a week (a little longer than a week for me hahaha). It is so much when working full time, part time, going to school full time, and trying to become an entrepreneur in health coaching. It is one of the hardest task I’ve came across in my life, balancing a schedule while trying to be great. You want to have free time for a social life too. It makes it extremely hard to balance it all. But I let all the extra things go to focus on me. Once again, the feeling was amazing. Hanging with friends, not being on a time limit, enjoying the water, and mingling with other people. Not once did I think about responsibilities I felt like a kid again and I will never forget that feeling, freaking AMAZING! I felt in touch with my whole health and wellness because I was catering to a different part this time around. I realized hey my body likes this! LOL.  When not on vacation it is easy to forget about your social well-being, and I easily just focus on my physical activity and nutrition. It tends to be easier for me to eat right and workout because it is within my daily routine. I don’t encounter a beach every day, so it was very easy for me to let go and live life. I am saying this to say if you don’t encounter a beach every day, find somewhere or some place that makes you feel just as the beach will make you feel. For me I know that it’s my happy place. Find your happy place if the beach isn’t your thing. Take a vacation. A vacation doesn’t always mean you are leaving out of town but take a vacation to fulfill your health and wellness. Define your own version of vacation. Don’t forget!

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