Ways to Gain More Energy for FREE!

Do you feel absolutely drained at times? Or you can’t keep your eyes open at your desk or in class? Or you can’t seem to walk up your stairs without grasping for air? If you’ve answered yes to one of those questions (or all of them), then you may have issues with your energy levels. I understand that it is normal to have low energy levels for certain people. For example, many women who are on their menstrual cycles once a month tend to feel sluggish because you are losing blood from the body. This is something you do not have control over, so I would say let it pass by. Drink water and eat blackberries (see previous post)! On the other hand, it is so much you can do, for men and women to gain more energy while completing your everyday activities/routines. Energy is hard to come by nowadays with so many demanding duties. The best part about this is that most of this information I am sharing with you, will be FREE and it will not cost you anything. I know everyone reading this post is always on the go and always need more energy, just like myself. Most people lean towards coffee or sugar, but no that is not the answer there are so many more alternatives to gain more energy. If you are on a routine, you will notice within your body when your energy levels are low which means your body is telling you something. Most of the time when you have an headache or stomachache you know that you may be sick, so you go to the doctor or take medicine. Well in this case you DON’T need to do that to gain more energy. Follow below to see what options are available to you RIGHT now:

  1. TAKE A NAP! -The cheapest way to gain more energy! SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP zzzz….. Your body could be telling you that you are tired and need rest and relaxation. I know my body tells me that like every weekend, and I listen. Check out my post about sleep for important tips!
  2. EAT! – After running all day long and not putting nourishment in the body, the body could be suffering from lack of nutrition. Not just any food, but GOOD food. Food that doesn’t drain you because there are foods out there that will like fast food and processed foods. You want lean meats, vegetables, and fruit. They have the best nutrients and can fulfill what the body needs, and not what you THINK it needs. This way it is fueled with more energy and you can return to your daily duties.
  3. RELAX! -Relax doesn’t always mean to lay down and go to sleep. It means to simply stop doing your activities have a seat and enjoy the air. It means to maybe go get a massage, read a book, or savor your favorite tea!
  4. AVOID ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE, SMOKING- Dare yourself to move toxic things from your life. They all have an impact on your overall health but if you avoid them you’ll see a gain of energy. Try it for about two weeks and notice how different your body feels and how it responds to everything else going in your body. The feeling is awesome! Replace alcohol with non alcoholic beverages like green tea. Replace caffeine with decaffeinated drinks like water and you can still order coffee if you like the taste just choose decaf, you probably will not be able to tell the difference!
  5. Lastly, EXERCISE!- If many of you cannot keep still and relax because I know sometimes it can be hard, exercising works for busy people! Although you are using energy to exercise, your body is internally being worked so you are much more healthier when you’re moving. Exercising also helps with sleep which gives you more energy. Exercise can include simple jump roping at your home, running or walking in your neighborhood/local gym, jumping jacks, pushups or sit-ups, or simple arm circles.

I hope these tips helped you all! They surely do help me. Try at least one of these a day and measure your energy levels, I am very confident you will see change! If you have any other ways or remedies you do to gain more energy then post and comment below! I’ll respond back 🙂


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