What to do at the GYM?

Hey everyone! Not going to make this long, but today I wanted to share with you some gym equipment in case you may get there and not know what you can use for your strength training exercise routines or your favorite full body workouts. The gym can be intimidating! The best thing to do is to write down what body parts you want to work on. To get more specific, you may want to write down exactly what exercise you want to do, how many reps, how many sets, and how long will your full body workout be. It doesn’t always have to be full body workout. Some like to work on upper body (back, arms, biceps, and triceps) and abs. Or you can do lower body (legs, calves, glutes, and hips) and abs. Or a combination would more than likely turn into some type of full body cardio routine. Its however you like it. Just pick something and stick with it and the closer you will be to your health and wellness goals. Below I share with you some equipment and what you can use to help certain areas of the body at the gym. Be sure to add some comments and other equipment you may use in your routines!

Kettle bells: Squats and arm strength

Dumbbells: Squats and arm strength (Mainly arm strength)

Barbells: Shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, squats. Some already have weight on them and some you have to add the weights to them. Make sure you use the clips to lock in your weights on the free barbells. Start low then increase your weight.

Medicine Balls: Shoulders and back, can be used as a grip if you’re working on stability and balance.

Stability balls: Abs, squats, flexibility, and balance

That was just a snippet, I am working on uploading videos for examples of these! Check this out at the gym to become familiar with them! Don’t be afraid to ask someone what you they are used for. Some people are friendly about it! I hope you learned something from this. Add some of the equipment to your full body workout routine.

Have a great weekend! Theres a full body workout routine on the youtube channel as well as the site. This full body workout routine will be updated very soon! Check it out here: https://www.wholembs.com/videos/


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